Sunday, November 11, 2012

Closing Days

There's a funny Office skit, in which at the end of everyday the song Closing Time by Greenday is played. Stanley  ever-thrilled to leave comes out from the lunch room singing away! In an interview he tells the camera crew that "I don't like the song, but if it means I get to go home, I can't wait for it!"

Alright, Tv shows aside....I'm in the final days of my month long writing retreat. A good thing that will come of that is that I shall continue to write. Just not without 30 or so people to keep me company, hug, & laugh with. It will be missed, very much so. I don't want to just focus on the end, there are still several days, and each day can hold a lot. Ain't over till it's over....
Yesterday we embarked on a ship & boated-over to Nantucket.  The ferry ride was about 2 & 1/2 hours, which was fully enjoyed by looking at the water & horizon, reading Kurt Vonnegut short stories & playin cards. On the island, me and several other amigos played "kneel-football" , which is tackle football, except on yer knees! It was sandy fun, fill of laughter with only one touchdown. The football was a pineapple ... We then rested in a little grove, throwing out a spurr of the moment poem that we all added too. Lovely. We walked thro downtown, tossing the pineapple off a roof (stairs handily led right up to it) and gorged ourselves on it's juicy flesh. After some book browsing, we saw the sunset at a cemetery. Gorgeous; sun orange & bright spreading pink color in the blue sky on the backdrop of old weathered graves. The boat ride back was cold, but swell as-well, full of sleepy, hungry kids.

In my last post I said I was going to write some-sort of memoir thing, well, I didn't . Wrote a paragraph & ditched it. Instead I'm writing a short story of my time on a farm I worked on this summer. That was going swimmingly till a problem came up with Microsoft Word on the computer I've been using (mine broke), and now I can only look at the document, can't copy it or make any changes....believe the problem will be fixed, for the time being just continuing to write on  Google Docs.
Aside from that, I've written several poems....I tried doing a poem a day which I mostly got (with a few scattered days that I didn't), but in the past few days been that slacking I've been socializing  which is alright, but I'm quite happy to have been doin' writing this morning. Need to spit out some more poems....

There's also been several movie outings. I've attended two of these, Argo & then Cloud Atlas. Both  quite well done, I think I preferred the wide-scope of plot & characters in Cloud Atlas to Argo. Somefolks also saw the new Paranormal movie & the new 007 flick.

There's been loads of dancing here, mainly partner blues dancing. Been great fun.
Oh! Oh! Oh!
I also turned 18! Had a yummy carrot cake, saw my dad & took a nice walk with him. Took a splash in the water later that night too...

I leave you with this,
and add that during Sandy, we took a walk long the beach that was windy, & awesome.
Much love,