Friday, December 23, 2011

Snow day

Today, for me, feels like a snow day. I lounge around in bed reading, one of my cats sitting nearby licking herself. Instead of wearing my regular pants, I put on pajamas. I want to feel cozzy. There is no snow down here in Texas (though a night that was freezing!), but feels as if there could be. I put on my tie-dye socks for some brightly colored coziness. All I have planned is to read. Read & watch movies.

Last night I got The Pacific from the library. It's a fairly thick book by Hugh Ambrose (Son of Stephan E. Ambrose, author of Band of Brothers) about WW2 in the Pacific (for the U.S. Marines). Recently (last year or so...) HBO made a miniseries by the same name, and this book is "The Official Companion" to the show.  Before HBO made The Pacific, in 2001 they made (or more accurately released) Band Of Brothers. But wait, Liam, you just said this Stephan Ambrose guy wrote a book called Band of Brothers. Why yes, he did, and then HBO made a tv series of it. BOB follows "Easy Company" 2nd battalion, 506 Regiment, 101st Airborne Division of the U.S. Army. They fought in Europe from Normandy to Germany.
Anyways, I started watching The Pacific online after I read an account by one of the soldiers who is depicted on the show (E.B. Sledge's With The Old Breed). Both shows do a fantastic job of showing war, through unexpected explosions blowing limbs off, to the sweat & tears from the men. It can be a bit hard to understand what's goin' on though, so I grabbed the book (and I love reading, and love history, and well, yeah, love reading history). Anyways, it's quite well written & I recommend it for people who enjoy history.
Well, I talked about that a long more than I wanted too. Blah, war sucks. Always fascinated me (in a historical sense) though.

Anyways, X-Mas is soon to be here & I'm quite excited for that. I have sent several gifts in the mail for friends which will of course reach them after X-Mas. That's nice to receive, cause you've already thought you'd gotten what you would be gettin'! I've got several gifts under our lovely tree (decorated by my mother, a wonderful decorator) and have already opened one. 
A camera! From my snappin' Dad. I say snappin' for he is a photographer, and always "snap's away" during the day. Thank you very much, that's been fun to fool with. Currently I can't put up what few good photo's I have, perhaps another day. I always find it amusing that Christmas is the biggest holiday of the Christian faith celebrated by non-Christians (myself completely included). I think this has to do with the previous generations raised in Christendom, and even if they themselves don't consider themselves Christians, they still celebrate it. That's my crack at it. Maybe one day only Christians will celebrate it. Maybe it'll continue being celebrated by Christians & non-Christians alike. Frankly, X-Mas for me doesn't have to do with the homeboy JC and his devotee, it's just about caring & love for others. Hence "Christmas Spirit".  Even if it's quite commercialized.....
I'd like to see the love that comes out during this time, all the time. Which is what I go for. Now that I think about it Christmas Love doesn't seem to be there. Just in old movies.... Now, maybe this is just a little thought I think as I sit alone in this house...Do you feel X-Mas love? Or love from any other holiday that goes on this time of year?
Maybe one of these years I'll celebrate the Hanukkah Spirit (which I assume is just caring & love for folks) and get or make or claim a menorah.
Heh, but of course, that seems more religious to me that continuing to celebrate X-Mas, and not having considered myself Christian since the third grade or so.....interesting.

Well, this is just one big ramble of course. I'm gunna go, make some cereal-yogurt-healthy-stuff, eat it, watching some movies & read. Cause, I feel like being cozy. Made a nice fire last night, maybe I'll do the same today.

Whatever you celebrate or don't, Happy Happy to you.
I wish you well, and a greatcrazynew-New Year on it's way.