Sunday, April 22, 2012

2012, Hey Now from Austin

Blogging, "that's what's up" quoting the In lingo of  "now". Been a while, not on facebook anymore either. Oh snap.

Cheers from  4 in the morning Austin. A great city I will be soon leaving only to return to another day.
I've been writting a fair amount down here, but mainly in mah journal my mom got me for X-Mas. Tis wonderful thing, with Great words-to-BE on the front of it. But tonight I'm blogging. Err, this morning I'm blogging :)
Prolly night somewhere! :P Still dark anywho, so yeah. This Night. That's what this is "about". The names of my Super Friends are changed to Super Nick-Names. Well roodie-a-doo!Wrote this on the bus home;

I left Shaggy (Fuz & us had been laughing it up at Boldin & 6th) puffing my way to the bus stop (chomping a pizza slice) I walked up to a couple. The guy was tall with short dirty blond hair, his girlfriend to our left had blue hair.
We all sorta stared at each other until the woman asked "Where do we know you?"

I meet a lotta people
in lottsa different places. 
I like doin' so.

They didn't pop into any gatherings
I recently have been
Then I thout I knew where.

T.h.e. A.I.R.p.o.r.t

Day 1. of my fall migration.
We had just flown outta Logan & now arrivd in Austin.
Her hair hadn't been blue. I don't recall it so.

Great shit.
I had to run.
Thro the weird step-downed shoes on & my pizza in my pocket and got on.
Chomp Chomp 

A Mexican didn't speak English got on with a really drunk
?Irish?/white guy.
Not the bus they needed. 
Worked at the same place.

Guy next to me asked if i had weed 9to sell or give) Also semed to see what I was scribbling. Cool hehe.
oh and, I said "no." cuz 
I didn't.

Some really loud drunk (obnouixs) people 
who were then yelling at some lady.
Blahzoo....tried to get them to shut up/stop yellin' around

Notice: "Bouldin" is "Bouldin Creek Cafe, a cafe turned restaurant that's pretty neat~6th is 6th street, the wild place with lots of crappy bars & clubs, crazy place~The step-downed shoes were these well worn women slipper shoes I found after loosing on of my flip-flops~The "?irish?" was written in mah journal with the second question mark flipped, as in espanol~"obnouixs" quick hand spelling of "obnoxious"

As to what else is up in my life....I'm leavin' Austin to go to Asheville, then to Tennesse for "ARGH"-a homeschooling/unschooling gathering. Pretty excited for that, then I'm busin' it North to Bahston.
Home sweet home. That'll be real strange, bein' in a quite little suburb after this music hoppin' mad city.
Well, well, gunna be a trip.

Lottsa love