Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Austin Life

Since my last post I have not thought about blogging until today. There was no crazy adventures that made me want to write, write, write. Nothing utterly fantastic that I wanted to share with everybody (everybody meaning whoever actually reads these things). Just life. And so it hit me not long ago (It is now 3:41 on the 11th) while I sat on a stump outside enjoyin' a cool Austin day as I ate my salad, that my life would be great to write about. Great not because of mad adventures, great for it was pure & simple, like carrot juice.
Carrot juice is a delicious juice made from the fruits of carrot trees. My father & I would make juices often when I was a small child, and carrot juice was not only a favorite, but a regular. Here in Austin we have Odwalla's carrot juice, which not as good as the soft foam off of fresh juice, but it is still quite nice.

Since my first few days of exploring the city with friends, I've mainly been at my new home. I enjoy my yerbe mate tea everyday. That is quite delightful. It's to hot as soon as I brew it, so I let it steep, then put it in the fridge or freezer to cool. Hamilton (My mom's good friend who lives here, in the house) bought a whole kilo of the leaves for $5, a great deal.
I've never been so hot, sweaty, clean all in a single day before I moved here.  It's crazy! I've taken one shower already today, and I know I will have a second soon!

As for my day to day activities, it starts early (for me). The first few days I'd be up before 10, but now I'm sleeping in til around 10:30.  Then I simply lie in bed. Read, check facebook. My days are relaxed, I drink tea, play my guitar, and read. I've read most of the free comics that I got, and near the end of "On the Road". I keep talking about that book, cause man, it's the best. It's just faaaan-tastic. And I'm in love with it! In-case you didn't see my status I recently bought "The Original Scroll" which is the first draft of "On The Road" that is "rougher, wilder, and racier than the 1957 edition".  It doesn't contain alias, and as I just mentioned, a lot wilder. The first part of the book is different people talking about Jack Kerouac's writing of "On The Road".....then it's the original thing. He wrote it all out on 8 pieces of thin art paper that he attached making a long "scroll". Pretty groovy. That'll be really fun to read once I'm finished with the 1957 version. Other than reading, drinking tea and showering, I'm playing a lot of guitar. Specially when I first arrived. Now not as much...for I'm watching a show called Dexter. It's a  crazy show about a serial killer who kills criminals (that have escaped the law). It's quite good and I just finished the 3rd season. But back to that thing about guitar, man it's rad. I've learned a some new scales too which is really helpful & cool. Backtrack after backtrack, just jammin' out.

I don't know really what else to say. Oh, I've been writing some poetry too!

My life is really nice down here and I dig it all.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Skippin' posting about the last day or so of my journey to Austin (I'm gettin' right into what I've been doing). This place is so great!

I've had an amazing time in Austin so far. End of the second day! MAN.
So many cool things. Yesterday (hard to believe that today was my first full day...and that I'll be here 10 more!) as Hamilton (the guy we're staying with) & my mom went out to a developmental movement/dance class, I decided to head into the city! I wanted to jump right into things. I sent a facebook message to a mutual friend who lives in Austin (Brooke). Since I was already gonna go to the city, I threw in my phone number in case she wanted to meet up. I hopped on a bus (without evening waiting :) and soon after I got a call from Brooke. We then met-up nearby the Whole Foods (The Mecca Whole Foods, where all of 'em are based off of). It's really big! We had smoothies, and Brooke showed me around the city. We did a lot of walkin' & talkin'. Austin is very cool.

I then headed to First Street, to try to find a bus back to the abode. After 30 minutes or so of walking, I got on a bus. Just in time for the end of a really "late" supper!

Today (the 7th) I awoke early and laid in bed, sleeping & resting. I then made some yerbe mate (favorite tea:) and a big bowl of cereal. Twas quite good! Then, for the first time since we moved I played my guitar! And boy, oh boy it was gooo-oood! I stopped because my finger tips where gettin' roughed up & hurtin'.

Super nice time though...played with some backing tracks (rhythm music of someone to solo over) and jammed out! I then had a driving lesson with me mom. With a stickshift! I have only driven in an automatic before, so this was a challenge. Alternating between the clutch & gas. Fun time though!
I then set off to do more exploring, and visit shops. My mom got me a good guidebook of where all the hip shops are in Austin, and I looked at it last night before I slept.
First up was a thrift store! It was a cool place and I bought some pants. They are plaid pants that were marked at $4.50, but I got 'em for a dollar 25 ($1.25)! When I told me mom this she thought it was to expensive...:P
Gettin' on a different bus, I was headin' for the North Loop...a place in North Austin where a bunch of shops are. I got off a few blocks away from it, for the bus driver didn't think there was a stop on 53rd where I planned to get off. As the bus drove away I saw right across the street a big sign (and tent) for FREE COMICS. "Well how about that" I thought. Earlier I had tried downloading Neil Gaiman's Sandman with no luck. I then headed over to get some free comics! The store was celebrating it's 10 anniversary, and I lucked out! Got 10 free comics and a $1 bottle of water.
I then needed to head downtown for the show. Show? What show? Lucinda Williams! Yesterday I happened to see a small poster of hers, for her show on the 7th (It was the 6th at the time). I then bought a ticket that night! So I trudged along till I got on a bus, which brought me closer to downtown. I got off after chattin' up the driver, to get some vegetarian food. Turns out the place was closed so I had a long walk to the show on the other side of town. I then passed some art buildin' which had some live music. There was also a group of young dudes (girls & boys) watching. One of them waved for me to come in. And of course I did! The musician playin' was really good. The dude who called me in is named Kevante, and we're plannin' on hanging out soon. If I didn't have a show to catch,  I totally would have stayed longer. They had tea and a bit of food! I went to the pizza place next store, where I got two slices of cheese pizza. It was quite tasty! Turns out my rush to get to the venue wasn't really needed...for the show didn't start till an hour after the doors opened (7 Pm, when I wanted to be there). It was a groovy place.  I currently forget the name of it was outside, but with walls/buildings all around. While  waited for the opener to come on, I talked with this young lady (Christine). She had been livin' in Austin for two years, gong to school to get her PHD in Sociology. She has been doing a lot of research on the effects of deportations of undocumented migrants AKA illegal immigrants. Fascinating stuff.

When the opener came on I left to go into the middle of people near the stage (we had been sitting talking on the side of a wall). After the opener which I thought was alright, I moved again. I got some more water, peed, then went to find a better/different spot. I ended up next to 2 really nice people. I had noticed them when walked in, and saw they saw me too. Anyways, I'm pretty sure it was a mother & duaghter hippie duo. Vicky & Meagan. Meagan noticed my sarong was of the "Steal Your Face" symbol, a Grateful Dead logo! We talked for a bit before the show & durin' the breaks.

Lucinda Williams is a FANTASTIC songwriter & artist. My Dad really digs her, and I did too....but now I really DIG her. Man! Great stuff! Some of the songs she played are :
Something About What Happens When We Talk
and my favorite Honey Bee
Then the band left, and came on for the encore! Several great groovin' songs later, they left. Man, the second part of her setlist and encore was so farout! I was dancin' away, so was Meagan, and most of the people there! Fabulous time....and then they came out AGAIN! To top this amazin' time off, they played Buffalo's Sringfields "For What It's Worth"!!
Man that was hoppin'! I was boogieing like crazy! Her lead guitarist was quite skilled and rocked the solos.

What a great night. Hope to connect with the people I met today soon.
P.S. The venue is  called Stubbs.
I love you!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 4! Alabama Getaway! And my story of a King!

 Here In lie, sleepy and full. Enjoy my writing, enjoy not havin' the same tense, enjoy yourself, enjoy your friends. <3

Alabama Getaway- Grateful Dead
Here we are at a rest stop (my mom called it "the best one yet, full of great junk") in Alabama.
I almost bought a short cowboy novel. I might get one later somewhere. Instead I got Neil Young's "Harvest" & Steve Miller's Band's "Book of Dreams" for a total of $23 (Pretty good considering some cds cost 23 bucks on there own). There was some confusion about who was next in line (it was me, but I  didn't care who went) because the line had split when another register opened.

As I approached the counter the (young & large) cashier said "C'mon you long haired hippy" which gave me a smile. As I handed over the cds the cashier commented that I was a bit young to be a hippie. Just smile & nod Liam.
I punched him the face! Nah, there was a tough guy behind me who coulda knocked me flat on my back.

Kidding aside, I shrugged.
"Hippy Day at school?"
"Nah I don't go" I quietly muttered. I also happened to be wearin' my "Unschoolers live as if school didn't exist" shirt. I don't think he noticed....
"You following Widespread Panic?" (A hippie jam band) His tone was borderline harsh, and interrogative.
I quickly asked if they were playin' around here. He didn't answer me and I left.

Near Tuscalosa we passed a hitchhiker. My heart-leapt. A hitchhiker!  Readin' about Sal Paridise (Jack Kerouac)'s hitchiking adventures have made me yearn to do it! I did it once with my father in Hawaii. We also picked some people up too. Fun stuff!

I wished we coulda picked him up....He had sandy hair that almost came to his shoulders. He looked dusty, dirty, & hot. Probably tired too. He had two bags on the ground behind him.
I hope he gets where he's goin' alright.

We now played the part of "After Storm Chasers". My mom was curious to see the damage in Tuscalosa. I was a bit curious too, but felt it was a tad uncool to driven around looking at all the damage.
Man, there was a lot. And in the mists of rubble you might see one store still totally intact (Maybe some glass broken).
I don't know why I switched in between passed and present tense, but oh well. (Mind you this is written before tonight, as I was driving)
There's National Guard too. With guns.  That surprised me....

"Old Man" is one my favorite Neil Young songs.  Maybe my fav. Man the country is pretty. We're on 20 West headed for Jackson Mississippi!
Lush tree's surround the road.
I can't wait to get to Austin.

And as the Woodworth-Train hit Mississippi, our "time" was shifted an hour back from my gang back home.

We out to Pickdelly's for food. It was a cool joint. A southern fast foody place. You order what you want (for there or to go) at a buffet type thing, then you get a receipt, and pay at the door when you leave. I was waitin' to get some of the salad stuff when a middle aged black guy (working) said I was a "cool guy". He then asked if I wanted some salad, I told him which ones I did.
"You don't eat meat doya?" He asked with a big grin.
"Ha, no I'm a vegetarian"
"Haha, I knew it. I can tell when people don't man" He said with a wonderful smile.
I then I asked him how to pronounce his name. Sabu (Sah-Boo)
He then told me it meant "King" in Swahli.
"That's pretty cool man!"
"You ever met a King?" He asked.
"No man!"
"Now you have!" Sabu the King said with a fun lovin' grin & fist bump.
Another lady guessed I was a vegetarian when I didn't get any sauce on my noodles.
We took the food and enjoyed it at the hotel. As we got our receipt, I told the lady at the counter to tell Sabu bye. He was hip. Real nice wide old grin.

Sleep Now :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 2 & 3, Asheville & 'Lanta

May-2-3, I'm currently bloggin' from a hotel in Atlanta a little before midnight. This is once again written on the road, and now being copied to the internet.

Day 2-
After barely recognizing the sound of my alarm in my dream, I awoke in my dark hotel room. I quickly drifted back into a light sleep. After leaping out of bed & dressing, I raced to the lobby for breakfast thinking it was closing at 9, and it was about 10 till. It turns out they didn't close it down at all.

I chatted with a tall older guy after he commented on my "colorful skirt" (What he said was "That's a colorful skirt"). Now that I think about it that's kinda of an odd comment. He didn't say "I like your skirt" or "That's a pretty skirt".
His comment...was uh, obvious.
I was delighted to talk to him of course. I love talking to people.
I'm really enjoyin' "On The Road" by Jack Kerouac (Great Name).  Cameron Lovejoy lent it (and Dharma Bums, which I read first) last year. As the roadtrip materialized I realized it would be a great book for it. So I started it in Connecticut and now several chapters in. It also smells soooo good! Mhm-hmm! I also started reading some tales of Robin Hood. Pretty cool stuff.
My mom was quite tired so we pulled over at a subway so she could sleep & I could eat.
I got a veggie sub, called a friend and read Kerouac. It was very lovely out & an enjoyable time.

After my mother's second nap (she was fading again). I was pretty anxious to get to asheville. this turned quickly into a sour mood when I read that the GPS had our arrival at a few minutes before 9. Damn that!
I soon plugged in my ipod and began listening to American Beauty (Fantastic Grateful Dead album)
I didn't notice it was on shuffle, but I enjoyed the surprising change of pace. I layed my head down on a pillow and closed my eyes as the music took me home. I only listened to three songs in total, sleeping after the first two until the Rumblin' "Truckin'" woke me up. I slept for roughly a half-hour. In better spirits I explained to my mom that I feel asleep.
Soon afterward we passed through an area (in Virginia) that had been torn though by a Tornado. It was pretty crazy. Tree's where all over the ground next to a lot of housing pieces....Roofs torn & houses ripped. A while later (7:10 May Second) we past a storm chaser....Should I be worried?
Nothin' happened...yet ;)

Man, we're in the south now (not to be stereotyping of course). Just saw a buildin' saying "GUNS
Get Guns Here" and it also had "JESUS IS LORD"
Niiiice get guns while ya pray to the Lord!

We arrived at Josie's house a bit before 9. AS I got what I needed for the night, I heard Passion Pit blast out of a car. The car was Logan's as I figured from the sweet groovin' music. Logan unaware of me standin' on the other side of the road, holdin' a cat's leash, he started pulling into Josie's driveway (hehe, run on sentence!)
I could hear someone (Josie or Kimi) say "He's right over there"" to which Logan replied with a stare across the road. After Hugs, we drove to Logan's where Kimi & I had pasta. Logan & Josie had a long crazy wrestlin' match which took off all the covers & sheets of the bed. They're were many sex jokes made due to the noise....
After they were sweaty & hot, we had some cookies and took off to The Hop, (where Josie works) to get some ice cream. Tara another unschooler who was stayin' at Logan's came with. Tara, Kimi & I squeezed in the back while Logan & Josie were up in the front. We mainly talked about placenta's....and eating the and benefits they have. Tara knew a lot about them, and Logan was completely disgusted ( I was fascinated). We also talked about it if 1 in 10 people (or some kind of statistics like that) had penises on their chin. Fun car ride!
I got some delicious Mocha Oreo & Mint Oreo ice cream. Real good.  After hanging at Logan's for a while, he drove Kimi, Josie, & I to Josie's house. We quickly fell asleep. Asheville is really groovy. I'd love to live there. It has very lush suburbs that reminded me of Hawaii.... :)

May 3
I woke up to wonderful songs of the birds. It was lovely. This is day 3 of our trip. I soon left the Maples wonderful home. we stopped at a health fod store to get food & drink (yerba mate)
There I remembered I didn't give Kimi her "goodbye" present. I say "goodbye" cause I'll be back ub a few weeks for a while. I presumed she was in the shower fro she didn't answer my calls. I was right. She opened the door to the bathroom still soaking wet with a towel 'round her. I then gave her a very soft & cute stuffed animal of a cow. She was very happy about this which I was glad about. Departing the Maples Abode, my mom & I hit the road. We stopped to get some local strawberries & creamed honey....(Have to try this in Austin)

Here I sit, in 'Lanta or Atlanta if you want.
Here I sit with dark clouds and rain pouring down.

So we've found a hotel and now eatin' warm food! Spaghetti squash marinara. Plus some onion rings (cause I was in a mood for something fried). I also had a big tasty salad. My mom also got some broccoli & cheddar soup to go.
Oh so at the hotel, there is some church thing going on. Lot a yellin' and praisin' Jesus. A bunch of people and at least one Preacher, preachin' & prechin'!
Crazy thing for me to her, and barely see a wee bit of.

Southern people pretty much always acknowledge you;
I smile, they nod (or maybe smile). A cashier near Greenvillie (SC) even said she liked my sarong :)
At Ruby Tuesdays where I sleepily sit, we once again struck up a conversation with the waitress.
Well, actually it was who struck the talk up. She had recently driven to Chicago for her mother's funeral. It was nice to talk about roadtrips for a couple minutes. More so it was a lovely stranger who would talk it up with other strangers!

Well now it's 1 in the morning, and I must sleep! Goodnight! <3

Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 1 On The Road! (and a few other things)

Weary traveler me & my mother be~
Currently we are at a Sleep Inn in Carlisle  PA
This is mostly all written in the car traveling, and now being typed up & published

We finally left 10 Water Street at around 2. I had spent the night at my dad's, and had breakfast with my Mom's good friend Linda and her daughter Astrid around 10 O' Clock Am. Then after a final clean, we started to get the cats (3 of them) used to having small doggy harnesses & leashes on.....dreadful things...then after a long goodbye, we were off!
To Starbucks!
Then we were really ON THE ROAD!
Heading south we took a wrong turn and started heading for New York City, which we didn't want to do. As we got off the highway I saw a Hooters. Jokingly, I said we should stop there (my mom needed a coke, and figure out how to get back on 84). She in a lighthearted, though serious tone totally agreed. In the "end" I stayed with the cats and car, while my mom went in. So I was starred down by some tough looking guys. At least southern people supposedly act nice & smile...these guys were a bit scary haha.....Ah, the life of a young care-free hippie...specially when dressed in a (Grateful Dead) sarong & just a (unbuttoned) jean jacket....and not really in "Hip Town".  Ha, we just passed under a sign for "Austin Road" YUP!

Anyways, I like standing out. Makin' people think "Who the F is it that?"
Freaks Unite Man
I like dressin' in all tie-dye to be "Oh yeah, BAM color baby, I'm crazy & wild"...and cause I dig tie-dye man!

As for Sarongs (skirt like things you wrap and tie and the hip,  Here's what some look like) my landlord summed it up pretty well "they are way more beautiful than shorts, and comfy"
That was totally paraphrased but oh well man. They are soft, comfy, gorgeous & breezy :)
I love my style (and most of the looks I get) but it's not flaky to get attention...just in case you were confused ;)

Near Scranton Pa we stopped off the highway (in a woody area) to check on the cats. One of them pissed on their small blanket, oh well...they are quite freaked and not happy :/
I wish there was a better, less scary (for them) way to get them down there (Austin) preferably without my Mom & I wouldn't have to worry (to much) about them, and just focus on the drive.

It's dark as I write this except for the car light, which creates an awesome reflection in the wind shield of my notebook, sarong, & jacket.

We just had a late (9:30) super at Marvelous Muggs restaurant and pub. I was doubtful how I'd like the food options, and the quality of it.
We hurried in for they closed at 10.
There was a waiter at the serving table, about to rush off. Noticing me she turned with a smile. My mom right behind me, I asked for a table for 2. As I asked for this, the sever/manger came over, to make sure the waiter (Morgan) "got it". And that she did.
Morgan had to little braids, some greenish blue eye liner and a really rad presumably hemp necklace. And a nose-ring!

For dinner, I had a grilled portabella mushroom burger with sauteed onions, peppers & lettuce. For my side dish, I had rice pilaf. Plus a pickle!
My mom had crab-cakes with mashed potatoes. As Morgan came over with refills of win & water, we started talking with her. My mom (kinda out of the blue) mentioned how we were headed to Austin from Boston. Turns out she is goin' to Boston for a Dispatch concert on June 24th.
Later I asked her what kind of music Disptched played;
"Kind of, Rock N' Roll Reggae" she explained. Plannin' on checking them out!

My mom told her I was a musician..."Guitar, and I'm learning  some harmonica" I said as she jumped in excitement at the mention of harmonica. She loved the harmonica, "So great to fool around with!". Passion was between us. Music & the Arts. She had previously explained she was in college for Art,  painting & photography. And yes Dad, we mentioned that you also took a few snapshots of "cool things". She was really hip & I wished I could've talked with her more.

I knew through most of dinner that I was going to write my blog down on something.
I told her I liked her necklace, to which she smiled replying "oh, thank you! I like your, uh, everything!" (It was either "everything, style" or something very similar."
Thanks Morgan. Maybe I'll see you in Boston...?
I did indeed write the name of my blog down, the URL, & my name.
So Morgan, if you're reading this, I'm very glad <3

It's now almost quarter to 4 in the am, and I (and me mum!) are off to bed. The cats seemed to have calmed down a bit and settled in the hotel room. Tomorrow we head to Asheville, to meet friends :)