Sunday, November 11, 2012

Closing Days

There's a funny Office skit, in which at the end of everyday the song Closing Time by Greenday is played. Stanley  ever-thrilled to leave comes out from the lunch room singing away! In an interview he tells the camera crew that "I don't like the song, but if it means I get to go home, I can't wait for it!"

Alright, Tv shows aside....I'm in the final days of my month long writing retreat. A good thing that will come of that is that I shall continue to write. Just not without 30 or so people to keep me company, hug, & laugh with. It will be missed, very much so. I don't want to just focus on the end, there are still several days, and each day can hold a lot. Ain't over till it's over....
Yesterday we embarked on a ship & boated-over to Nantucket.  The ferry ride was about 2 & 1/2 hours, which was fully enjoyed by looking at the water & horizon, reading Kurt Vonnegut short stories & playin cards. On the island, me and several other amigos played "kneel-football" , which is tackle football, except on yer knees! It was sandy fun, fill of laughter with only one touchdown. The football was a pineapple ... We then rested in a little grove, throwing out a spurr of the moment poem that we all added too. Lovely. We walked thro downtown, tossing the pineapple off a roof (stairs handily led right up to it) and gorged ourselves on it's juicy flesh. After some book browsing, we saw the sunset at a cemetery. Gorgeous; sun orange & bright spreading pink color in the blue sky on the backdrop of old weathered graves. The boat ride back was cold, but swell as-well, full of sleepy, hungry kids.

In my last post I said I was going to write some-sort of memoir thing, well, I didn't . Wrote a paragraph & ditched it. Instead I'm writing a short story of my time on a farm I worked on this summer. That was going swimmingly till a problem came up with Microsoft Word on the computer I've been using (mine broke), and now I can only look at the document, can't copy it or make any changes....believe the problem will be fixed, for the time being just continuing to write on  Google Docs.
Aside from that, I've written several poems....I tried doing a poem a day which I mostly got (with a few scattered days that I didn't), but in the past few days been that slacking I've been socializing  which is alright, but I'm quite happy to have been doin' writing this morning. Need to spit out some more poems....

There's also been several movie outings. I've attended two of these, Argo & then Cloud Atlas. Both  quite well done, I think I preferred the wide-scope of plot & characters in Cloud Atlas to Argo. Somefolks also saw the new Paranormal movie & the new 007 flick.

There's been loads of dancing here, mainly partner blues dancing. Been great fun.
Oh! Oh! Oh!
I also turned 18! Had a yummy carrot cake, saw my dad & took a nice walk with him. Took a splash in the water later that night too...

I leave you with this,
and add that during Sandy, we took a walk long the beach that was windy, & awesome.
Much love,

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Home-and my retreat-that's such a treat

How fitting (I suppose) that my last post was about arriving home.
For today I left my home, off to my next merry adventure. I shall describe that later on, for now I shall focus on the word home.
Home can mean a lot of different things, for me in particular in this case when I say home I'm talking about my casa  in my hometown, where I was (almost) born (in) & raised, and not just a specific house. I also will be talking of a specific house. So get confused, or don't.

For the next month I'm on a writing retreat, in the cape with around 26 unschoolers. It is so far, and I'm sure shall, continue to be fantastic. And once that month is thro, I shall head home, but not to the home I left today. My father & I are moving out of our apartment, to (another third floor) apartment a town over in Arlington. This means (as you may have inferred) I shall no longer be living in my hometown of Winchester.

Winchester, a quiet town north of Boston; full of rich kids with snobby noses.
Full of white class & big houses.
A town I fully enjoyed growing up in, despising it for all it lacked, yet thankful for what it was.
white, rich, bland,
easy access to woods, home also to some of my closest friends.
region of my childhood.

And now, on the eve of my 18th birthday, I shall no longer live in Winchester, leaving me to only claim that I was from this town. It saddens me to leave it, despite knowing that I'll spend much time there anyway with my friends (upon my return)....I no longer will live right downtown,  or have a roof to climb & gaze at the treetops & gaping sky.
No longer, no longer,
So it goes.
It will be missed, tho it would happen sometime
and I knew it so.

Our landlord wanted the space for his in-laws, and that is why we are moving. We don't have a moving date, for the move is a dance, a constant swirl of packing, perpetual motion that is revolving & revolving.

Basically, Pop's & I have been lugging stuff over to the new house & unloading it. Tho I'm now gone, my Old Man will continue this practice until Nov. 1st when he will have swept our home of all belongings and switch the lights off.

Meanwhile, I will be typing away & scribbling poems in a mad fashion.
That's right, I totally got the better end of this "deal".
Along with all the other writers, I get to lounge back & focus on writing for a whole month, enjoying the town of Hyannis.
The objective of this retreat is to complete a writing challenge.
I have a few ideas on this....I plan to write several structured poems (love to do some haikuyin' in particular), blog, and most likely write a memoir of my life in Winchester, which will include more intimate things about my hometown then I seem to be writing currently. Perhaps you will have the chance to read this at somepoint.
This reminds me of a great poem by Robert Creeley

Thanks for
what will be
the memory
if it is

Damn straight I dig it!

And in all this commotion I have all made an academic achievement & taken my GED. This is a high school equivalency test for any who don't know. I feel fairly confident on how I did, within two weeks I'll get the results back.

Well~Ta Ta
Buenos Noches me amigos,

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Oh here I sit in a home, one of many I have,
but a home back North, in my Home-Town. 

I've finally returned to my sweet little home town. What a journey it was.....
I flew from Austin to Asheville in an entire day. A 10 hour trip total, going from Austin to Memphis to New York to Atlanta and then a short little ride over to Asheville. Si, a long day. Luckily it started early in the morning and I arrived to my east coast destination at 5:30ish.
Twas a most beautiful flight over the Carolina's, what gorgeous mountains. Green & lush, beaming with life, rollin' on all around. I got to talk to a very nice Englishman (quite chatty fellow) on the 'Lanta Asheville flight. He was coming over seas to meet two friends he meet online 10 years ago. They all were gunna stay in a cabin up in the mountains. He made several sex references to his night before with his girlfriend. Ah a good plane ride. Everyone else I was next to (on previous flights) didn't say much but this jolly chap immediately said hello as I sat down. Wunderbar. He also accepted the carrot I offered him. Plus, he wrote down his phone number incase I was ever in London. 

My time in Asheville was quite nice. Lovely to see the Bieglers and the other unschoolers in Asheville. Went to a free Grateful Dead cover shindig too, as well as the weekly drum circle. How awesome!
Kimi also gave me two fantastic gifts. A utensil figure, made out of forks spoons & a knife. Tis great, a little man with a big face hands & feet! And a body too.  She also gave me a Yerbe Mate gourd. Yahoo!
Yerbe Mate is my favorite tea, a super green tea it's full if antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and energy! 
It's energy is different than coffee for Mate is much more balanced (and nutritious) and does not give off the "jitters". Lacks the coffee/caffine withdrawl/addiction too. Anyway, it's great & I urge you to try it. Traditionally it's drunk out of a gourd, such as the one Kimi got me. To sip out of the gourd there is a special straw called a bombilla which filters the water from the leaves. After receiving the gourd, I bought the bombilla.

I had mate with me & so had a most delicious day of drinking mate. All day. It was then time fro ARGH, a big unschooling gathering up in the mountains. I had a great time, it was at a new camp ground and tho quite spread out I very much enjoyed it. Lots of horses all around! Was wonderful, our cabin (Biegler/Yablonski plus the Higgin/McBroom's, Maples, and Duncan Lovejoy) was way up on a hill. Two horses had a pasture right in front of the cabin. Gorgeous view from on top thar as well.

Leaving Asheville (tho more so the South) proved harder than expected! Having to take several buses to get home, my first layover was at Greenville South Carolina where I was to wait 'round fer a couple of hours before going to Charlottle NC. The bus came, and I was about to get on (after 5 people had boarded before me) when the bus driver said "Hold On".

The bus was full. Full! There was another guy who was on my Asheville to Greenville bus who was to take this same bus. Thankfully for us there was a bus comin' at 8. Bringing us in to Charlotte at 10, givin' me justa enough time to catch a 10:30 bus to D.C then home. At 7:45 I found out that the 8 O' Clock bus was 2-hours late. Sheeeet. I happened to have a lovely afternoon with this man, Matt. Roaming around Greenville. I almost got talked to by a cop for playing guitar next to the sidewalk (while sitting on a small stone wall). I was shirtless too, tho perhaps I was sitting on "private property". I had a wonderful lazy warm jam to myself before seeing Matt and leaving (as the cop stood nearby).

Thankfully the Christine (mother of Kimi) picked me up. In the morrow she drove me to Charlotte. There I found out that I had left my cell phone at Kimi's house. Luckily there happened to be a phone store right inside the bus station. So after buying meself a new phone we all waited for the bus. Twenty minutes after schedule it came by & i got on (and that's when it all began).

Perhaps you'll notice the Dead reference in thar. Anyway the bus had a slight problem (the luggage door wouldn't shut) which led to a 2 hour delay. So in turn the train I was to take (at 10 pm) in D.C. I would now miss. My father (who had got the train ticket) looked for later trains. He told me they ran every hour. Great!

A few minutes later he texted back saying that was false. Ahh crap. Tho he soon found a 3:15 am train out to Boston! Wunderbar! He then switched tickets to the 3:15 train.....a couple hours later, in Richmond Virginia, the bus driver announced without heavy traffic we'd get to D.C. by 9. Oh, well, whatta ya know. Me Pop's then switched tickets back to the 10 pm (once I was close to D.C. and sure of my 9 O' Clock arrival). 

After almost forgetting my suitcase I boarded the train & off I went! Boston Ho!

I slept a tad, waking up as the sun was rising. Gawd it was beautiful. I wrote two poems to my friend Julien & my father inspired by the New Dawn.
My father, Julien, Andrew, & Josh had all come to pick me up. I was not aware my 3 amigos would be there, but frankly it wasn't too surprising they were. Instead of going thro the station after getting off the train, I went around the building. It was quicker, outside, and, as I walked I realized I avoided any trap that was possibly set fer me at 8 in the morning. Strolling up to where main doors of South Station I saw three tired young chaps sitting on a bench. Moi amigos.

A silly grin appeared on my face as tho they seemed to be starring in my direction didn't notice me.
"What, you not even gunna get up for me? I don't look that different." I yelled feeling giddy. They looked up and we met and hugged. My father at this time was strolling out from the same direction I came from. Camera in hand we smiled & hugged.

And at 8 in the morning, I was in the North, in Boston. Home.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

2012, Hey Now from Austin

Blogging, "that's what's up" quoting the In lingo of  "now". Been a while, not on facebook anymore either. Oh snap.

Cheers from  4 in the morning Austin. A great city I will be soon leaving only to return to another day.
I've been writting a fair amount down here, but mainly in mah journal my mom got me for X-Mas. Tis wonderful thing, with Great words-to-BE on the front of it. But tonight I'm blogging. Err, this morning I'm blogging :)
Prolly night somewhere! :P Still dark anywho, so yeah. This Night. That's what this is "about". The names of my Super Friends are changed to Super Nick-Names. Well roodie-a-doo!Wrote this on the bus home;

I left Shaggy (Fuz & us had been laughing it up at Boldin & 6th) puffing my way to the bus stop (chomping a pizza slice) I walked up to a couple. The guy was tall with short dirty blond hair, his girlfriend to our left had blue hair.
We all sorta stared at each other until the woman asked "Where do we know you?"

I meet a lotta people
in lottsa different places. 
I like doin' so.

They didn't pop into any gatherings
I recently have been
Then I thout I knew where.

T.h.e. A.I.R.p.o.r.t

Day 1. of my fall migration.
We had just flown outta Logan & now arrivd in Austin.
Her hair hadn't been blue. I don't recall it so.

Great shit.
I had to run.
Thro the weird step-downed shoes on & my pizza in my pocket and got on.
Chomp Chomp 

A Mexican didn't speak English got on with a really drunk
?Irish?/white guy.
Not the bus they needed. 
Worked at the same place.

Guy next to me asked if i had weed 9to sell or give) Also semed to see what I was scribbling. Cool hehe.
oh and, I said "no." cuz 
I didn't.

Some really loud drunk (obnouixs) people 
who were then yelling at some lady.
Blahzoo....tried to get them to shut up/stop yellin' around

Notice: "Bouldin" is "Bouldin Creek Cafe, a cafe turned restaurant that's pretty neat~6th is 6th street, the wild place with lots of crappy bars & clubs, crazy place~The step-downed shoes were these well worn women slipper shoes I found after loosing on of my flip-flops~The "?irish?" was written in mah journal with the second question mark flipped, as in espanol~"obnouixs" quick hand spelling of "obnoxious"

As to what else is up in my life....I'm leavin' Austin to go to Asheville, then to Tennesse for "ARGH"-a homeschooling/unschooling gathering. Pretty excited for that, then I'm busin' it North to Bahston.
Home sweet home. That'll be real strange, bein' in a quite little suburb after this music hoppin' mad city.
Well, well, gunna be a trip.

Lottsa love

Friday, December 23, 2011

Snow day

Today, for me, feels like a snow day. I lounge around in bed reading, one of my cats sitting nearby licking herself. Instead of wearing my regular pants, I put on pajamas. I want to feel cozzy. There is no snow down here in Texas (though a night that was freezing!), but feels as if there could be. I put on my tie-dye socks for some brightly colored coziness. All I have planned is to read. Read & watch movies.

Last night I got The Pacific from the library. It's a fairly thick book by Hugh Ambrose (Son of Stephan E. Ambrose, author of Band of Brothers) about WW2 in the Pacific (for the U.S. Marines). Recently (last year or so...) HBO made a miniseries by the same name, and this book is "The Official Companion" to the show.  Before HBO made The Pacific, in 2001 they made (or more accurately released) Band Of Brothers. But wait, Liam, you just said this Stephan Ambrose guy wrote a book called Band of Brothers. Why yes, he did, and then HBO made a tv series of it. BOB follows "Easy Company" 2nd battalion, 506 Regiment, 101st Airborne Division of the U.S. Army. They fought in Europe from Normandy to Germany.
Anyways, I started watching The Pacific online after I read an account by one of the soldiers who is depicted on the show (E.B. Sledge's With The Old Breed). Both shows do a fantastic job of showing war, through unexpected explosions blowing limbs off, to the sweat & tears from the men. It can be a bit hard to understand what's goin' on though, so I grabbed the book (and I love reading, and love history, and well, yeah, love reading history). Anyways, it's quite well written & I recommend it for people who enjoy history.
Well, I talked about that a long more than I wanted too. Blah, war sucks. Always fascinated me (in a historical sense) though.

Anyways, X-Mas is soon to be here & I'm quite excited for that. I have sent several gifts in the mail for friends which will of course reach them after X-Mas. That's nice to receive, cause you've already thought you'd gotten what you would be gettin'! I've got several gifts under our lovely tree (decorated by my mother, a wonderful decorator) and have already opened one. 
A camera! From my snappin' Dad. I say snappin' for he is a photographer, and always "snap's away" during the day. Thank you very much, that's been fun to fool with. Currently I can't put up what few good photo's I have, perhaps another day. I always find it amusing that Christmas is the biggest holiday of the Christian faith celebrated by non-Christians (myself completely included). I think this has to do with the previous generations raised in Christendom, and even if they themselves don't consider themselves Christians, they still celebrate it. That's my crack at it. Maybe one day only Christians will celebrate it. Maybe it'll continue being celebrated by Christians & non-Christians alike. Frankly, X-Mas for me doesn't have to do with the homeboy JC and his devotee, it's just about caring & love for others. Hence "Christmas Spirit".  Even if it's quite commercialized.....
I'd like to see the love that comes out during this time, all the time. Which is what I go for. Now that I think about it Christmas Love doesn't seem to be there. Just in old movies.... Now, maybe this is just a little thought I think as I sit alone in this house...Do you feel X-Mas love? Or love from any other holiday that goes on this time of year?
Maybe one of these years I'll celebrate the Hanukkah Spirit (which I assume is just caring & love for folks) and get or make or claim a menorah.
Heh, but of course, that seems more religious to me that continuing to celebrate X-Mas, and not having considered myself Christian since the third grade or so.....interesting.

Well, this is just one big ramble of course. I'm gunna go, make some cereal-yogurt-healthy-stuff, eat it, watching some movies & read. Cause, I feel like being cozy. Made a nice fire last night, maybe I'll do the same today.

Whatever you celebrate or don't, Happy Happy to you.
I wish you well, and a greatcrazynew-New Year on it's way.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hello Fall My Old Friend

  In-case you didn't get what was running through my brain when I typed the title, it's based off the first lyric of "Sound of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel. Lisssten to in maaaan.
 I like fall, except for the coming of the cold.
It happens to be the prettiest season up here in New England. The leaves turn over their crisp green and show off golden yellows, & oh so sweet oranges.

  My fall started with the wonderful Not Back To School Camp.
An amazing camp for teenage unschoolers & homeschoolers. I want to write about my weekend, so I shall be brief about this camp. I was there last year, at the gorgeous campground of Farm & Wilderness in Vermont. This year due to Hurricane Irena, (devastating damage to Vermont) we moved sites to Camp Huckins, located in Freedom NH. Camp Huckins is an all girl YMCA camp, right across the lake from Camp Robin Hood, the current home of Dance New England! If you don't know, DNE Aka Dance Camp, is the hippie camp I've been going to since I was in the womb. I in fact kayaked out to Camp Huckins during Dance Camp, only to find out a few weeks later that I would be in that area soon. At Not Back To School Camp (NBTSC) there is soooo much to do! Different classes ranging from blues dancing to hide & go seek go on all day. Run by both the staff & kids :)
Only meetings and advisory groups are you actually required to attend. The advisory group is a group of 6 or 7 campers that meet in the mornings, and "check-in". Good stuff.
 If ya just want to hangout, see old friends. You are more than welcome. It was a beautiful time.

    But now! My weekend! What an adventure! And when I say weekend, I refer to yesterday. A day of great fun & adventure. I have a good friend in Winchester named Julien. His17th birthday is this Wednesday, and decided that it'd be pretty cool to grab our friends & go camping for a night on a mountain in New Hampshire. He's got a house up here (In fact I'm sitting out on his porch now. Now being at the time this is written...who knows where I'll be when you read this) in New Hampshire & we would be staying up there the rest of the weekend. But as it turns out the party to be, was well, just me. Never the less, Julien & I plannded to still hike up the mountain & campout for a night. The two of us! All alone!
Mountain, mountain, mountain. Now what mountain? A ski mountain. The name I shall leave out....(perhaps we tented in a no tent zone & made a fire in a no firezone...but perhaps not)
Alas, the name doesn't really matter.
Julien drove his family & me up to his house Friday night....Saturday morning, we set up & took down his tent several times to get the hang of it. Not that hard...

   After a scrumptious lunch we were dropped off at the trail.
Boy, oh, boy it was just two wild boys now!
Our journey started with crossing a rushing river!

   It certainly seemed so with our high spirits. Hopping from rock to rock we crossed the stream (it was a decent size, not a little creek or such ). Raving about a minute into our hike we had to cross water, we found ourselves at a smaller stream. This one we could easily get over, but oh no I couldn't have that! We grabbed a fallen log and pushed it over the water. It was quite heavy, and got it most of the way across. I quickly (alright I wasn't that quick 'bout it) walked over the log and with a small jump made it to the other side. Julien did the same. Now, I of course brought hiking boots of this adventure. But man, what a beautiful day it was, so being the stubborn bare-footer I am, didn't wear them. Not at all :)
Pretty soon we stopped, I was gettin' hot with my clothes on. Changing into the shorts my dad advised me to bring, I also ditched my shirt (keepin' my comfy flannel shirt unbuttoned on at least for a bit longer). Eating half a cliff bar we continued.
Up, up, up.
           After a few stops we found a large rock, that had a nice little seat jutting out. After climbin' around & snapping some photo's we continued our hike. Our legs sore we marched & marched.
Pretty soon we got to some beautiful areas....the path had flattened out a bit which was wonderful to our thighs. The trees at this stretch of the hike were giving off a great vibe. I started hugging them, tall purdy birch trees. Birch are now on my top favorite types of trees to hug. They give fantastic hugs like most trees, but what I found so amazing was their size. Just big enough for a firm hug, but easy to wrap your arms around.
Julien wanted a picture, so I told him to "Get his camera out next time I hug one, which will be soon. I don't really want to pose." And so, around the bend, there was a patch of some sort of leafy thing, that looked utterly gorgeous with the golden sunshine shining down on it. In my nature-loving hippy mood I hugged more trees, to which Jules got photo's of.
  Soon though our trail headed up, up, up again. We passed a fair amount of folks, all pretty friendly.
And then, filling our hearts with joy, we saw blue sky ahead of us. We were so close to the top!
The summit was quite small, but ever so pretty. We threw our packs down & literally flew up a side path to see the best view we could. Sadly, there were a lot of trees all around, and so we only got a small glance at some mountains behind us. After hanging out, we continued on the trail. Julien believed this was not the final peak! He had been here before hiking, and sorta new the area. As we followed the path it took a dive down the mountain. A slow dive, but none the less a descent....where was the peak we were searching for? Looking for answers (and for the kicks) we searched for trees to climb. There were two pines (one for each of us) that looked like they'd give us some sort of answer. I told Julien "To tell my mother I love her" in a dramatic voice that woulda fit some World War 1 movie, and scampered up the tree. Julien's was harder to climb, and he didn't get far. I however, plugged on, and got as high as I could, breathing in one of the best view of the day. Could be my favorite one, due to having to climb through a maze of branches to get that wonderful sight. But, there was some disappointing news for us. We were going downhill, but seemingly would go up a bigger mountain. After climbing down, I took a short video, showing my few cuts from the climb, and showing off the eager yet tired grin of Julien & I.
   The hike up the mountain wasn't as bad as we thought...and quite pretty. Full of moss. How I love moss, that soft delicate green. I'd love to sleep on it for a time...
Climbing through many mossed covered rocks, we were once again rewarded with a fantastic view of the valley & surrounding mountains. There we met two other hikers, two older guys. Chatting for a bit, we all made our descent though on different paths. Julien and I took a path that looked promising & of course pretty.
  Promising for what? adventure of course! It soon looped to the path the old guys took, which then led to a very steep path of rocks. Rocks. Lots of rocks. Now my feet were fine up to this point (the same with the booted Jules) but then they became sore (and Julien's blisters were, driving him blistering mad! ;).
We continued walking down, complaining of the rocks. Julien also was bummed out for this wasn't the path he wanted to take, and we were now not going to stop at the top of the ski area. I could see his spirits dampening, and try to "zen" him out of it, bring him into the now. But then, just as luck would have, he exclaimed that he found the path! "The path to the ski slope man!" He explained. It didn't look like much of a path, but I followed hopefully. And once again, a beautiful view came into our sights. A ski slope in fall.
  That quick sentence doesn't do justice to the spectacular view we saw, and how our hearts were lifted.
"We can make camp at the ski lift stop, it's close." The scruffy faced Julien said pointing to the ski lift line..."We'll just follow it" he said with a grin.  He then had the brilliant idea of climbing up the ski lift pole. We took turns, photographing each other as we climbed to the top (there's a small ladder :).We headed down the steep slope, wide-eyed with goofy grins. The sun was slowly setting to our backs.
  The marvelous "Northside" ski lift was our camp. After arriving, we sat down on one of the lifts and breathed. Julien set up the tent, as I gathered things for a fire. It was a warm night. Cloudless.
With the tent set up thanks to Jules, we gathered a little more firewood, and started a fire.
Wait sorry, did I say start a fire? Oh gee, misspoke there. TRIED. That's the word I was looking for.
We had plenty of canned food, which we could eat cooled, but man, we wanted fire. But fire didn't go.
Now, a little bit of chemistry. When a lighter is punctured, the fluid spews out from the chamber. Very quickly. In fact it shoots out as pressured gas, so the liquid dissipates within seconds. Basically, if you are trying to start a fire, with lighter fluid from cheap little lights, it doesn't work. You spray it everywhere instead.....I'd also advise against taking an axe to a lighter.....not sure were the other half went....
Ahm...noooo waaay maaaan.
  Laughing as we stared at ember & wood....we remember the holy birch tree. "JULIEN, BIRCH.WE NEED BIRCH BARK!" He dived off into the woods and came back with loads. It was time for Fire On The Mountain. "Fire On The Mountain"
  With an actual fire, our spirits flew like an eagle (Fly Like an Eagle-Steve Miller Band)
  We cooked green beans & corn, totally one of the best canned food meals I've ever had. Warm water for our throats, and hot food for our stomach. Mhmm :)
We also cooked up a cold vegetarian stew thing...very tasty!
Julien then mentioned how he wished we had some music. A stero or something.
  Only a couple of minutes later, we heard music. Amazed, we got up from the lift and ran to the slope. Live music, pop stuff. Right at the bottom of the slope. We quickly grabbed what we needed (phone, knife, wallet, water, almonds, boots & flashlights) made sure the cute little fire was out....and ran down the rest of the way. Ran, and uh, jumped. Skipped & slid. It was was wet, grassy, and a bit sharp even (cut off bush stems). I didn't realize how cut up me feet were till we were at the bottom. Oh yeah, if you though I was wearing the boots, nope, a course not man.
  We weren't really sure if it actually was live music, for the songs were different hit pop songs.....As we got closer, we saw tents. Tents & tents. Lots of tents. And a live band. Plus, a big group of people. Mainly kids younger then us, some our age. Lots of Boy Scout uniforms too...
  The band was called The Zoo, "MTV's Cover Band". It was pretty rockin'.
Of course not really my music, but a very fun show! We raved about the chance to pick up chicks as we sprinted down, but soon realized that was that nights fantasy, and another nights adventure. We quickly went up as close as we could to the stage (ditching my boots & Julien's flashlight in a hiding spot) and started to boogie. Of course we also happened to be next to a few girls. Pretty much the only girls there. The band took a set break, and I shat in a portie-pottie. We found out that this was a Boy Scout Jamboree, only happening every 4 years.
  With the music pumping we jumped and dance for a while longer, till the band left.  Calls for an encore came from a few people of the crowd (me included), though most started to leave. The male lead singer came back on, asking if they could do an encore. I screamed a yes (more, more, more! Neither Julien or I wanted to hike up the mountain to camp). The band came back on, doin' a request. Jay-Z. I showed Jules my "gansta hippy dance" and soon realized the song was "New York", the song Mr. Z did with Alicia Keys.
 Alicia Keys performs this on Colbert, my favorite version.
  It was good. At the end, the band was signing posters, and Julien & I hung around watching the crowd & the band. The female singer was super hot, and I found it quite funny how several of their songs (all covers) had sex themes, and this hot lass was shakin' up the stage, to a bunch of 12 year olds. Hee Hee Haw!
We got a photo with the band, though sadly the guitarist snuck away (or so we think). We then became roadies! Alongside the "Service Corps" (a new section of the boy scouts dedicated to helping out with a smile) we packed up the sound stuff. It was a lot of fun.
  Afterwards, we may have almost taken an American flag that was left on the stage, and taken some pop tarts from on of the unlocked buildings. At 1 in the morning, we hiked up to camp.
Gawd, it was hard....but the sleep was sound & good.
Peace & Love,
Liam Here Comes Sunshine
P.S. Occupy Wallstreet is pretty "boss" for a slightly ironic description. Rock on guys!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Well, I did want to blog....

Hawllo der folks, the current time is 7:30 AM, EST.

My life's been pretty crazy, though what I really want to talk about is the Grateful Dead.
I will just say what I've been up too since June. I've now finished both The Original Scroll of On The Road, and the 1957 version...and I want to read them again. Mhmm-hmm.

For the past 3 weeks I've been at a Larping (Live-Action-Roleplaying) camp. It was quite exhausting, though much fun! I got to play crazy goblins, bandits, & ferocious vampires!
I am also single now (my choice) but I'm not really gonna go into it. If you're really curious, I'd be down to talk. Anyways, I'm going to Chicago!! Frankly, according to "the plan" I was supposed to be there by now (9:22 AM, see how 2 hours went by in just a couple of paragraphs)....but I missed my flight. My freakin' 6:25 flight.....Ughbazzam. I'll be leaving in a couple of hours, and arrive over there around 3.

And whaaaaayyyyyyy might you ask (or maybe not....)? Because of friends! Friends, love & joy! Friends being love & joy that is. Mainly the Souers (Emily & Wyatt) & Will Surhbur, but I plan on seein' as many folks as possible! They are all wonderful & cool!
We shall jam too! Wyatt, Ty (another hip Chicagoian) & I will have a beautiful blues jam I'm sure. Ahh! I'm excited! Then after the fun in Chi-Town, I'll be home for a night, a single night before Dance New England! DANCE CAMP! The wonderful hippie camp I call home (been going since I was in de womb :)

Then, after those kicks, it's time for more adventure at the Northeast Unschooling Conference! Fun fun! I'm so ver excited this year. I'll be stayin' with the Kimi Biegler kid (what a surprise!) but we'll be joined with two good friends; Abbi & Brianna'h! It'll be a party :D

So, the Grateful love. Jerry Garcia's birthday was 2 days ago, on the 1st of August. He woulda been 69 (and I'm sure still playing). And now comes "The Days In Between", the time span between his birth & death. Datewise, not age wise. First-ninth of August, verse 53 wholes years (well, some leap years...)
Now I don't have a lot of time, for brother Jason is buggin' me to watch somethin' on Netflix (Since I missed the flight, we've finished Clerks, which is utterly fantastic, and played two games of magic....and ate), but anywho, story time of how I got into the Dead. I had heard their name as a small child (for my father has a Dick's Pick's Grateful Dead Cd), but never listened. Not that I know at least....but this memory of the cd, and the cover photo (a flying magic ticket) stayed with me. After my Dad & I moved into our Mystic Valley residence, I found a "Best Of" cd for the Grateful Dead. I then listened, and oh boy, did I dig it! Yass yass yessir I did. It was wonderful, & totally rockin'. So I looked for other cds at the library. I took two out, Reckoning, & Go To Heaven. None of the Best Of cds had any tracks the other cds had. Even better I thought!
Well, I was disappointed. I think I listened to Reckoning first. It now holds several favorites of mine....but when I first heard it, I only liked "Dire Wolf" the first song...that rest was "eh" to me.
Dire Wolf
I then listened to Go To Heaven, which had some cool stuff....but I wasn't really diggin' it. Now, what I didn't know was the Best Of was made in 1974, "only" 10 years in the Grateful Dead's carer. Reckoning was made in 1980 (though the songs were mostly from the early 70's) & Go To Heaven also came out in 1980. It was definitely way more 80's than, well, the 70's & 60's stuff. But I was annoyed, the Best Of had such great tracks such as sugar magnolia, Casey Jones, & Uncle John's Band!
A rockin' Sugar Mangnolia, from '73

I felt compelled to like them, but I needed to genuinely like them of course.  I didn't wnat to only like "the best of". The summer before, at a camp (North Woods) some of the councilors had Grateful Dead shirts, talked about them, or sang a song of theirs. They were cool, I looked up to them (Not knowing anything 'bout them though...just a little kid, lookin' up to the cool older guys....which I saw at Larp Camp, from now the perspective of the older kid, being "idolized"). I listened to the albums again, trying to like it.

And frankly, I guess it just happened. I'm not really sure. All of a sudden I like it! Mainly Go To Heaven. Reckoning wasn't a big on my list (the like list that is) till a little while ago (as I said, I dig it now!). And since this was 3 or 4 years ago now, my love for the Grateful Dead has only grown. Man, I freakin' love 'em!
Here's a whole show of theirs, I haven't listened to to much, but it's good man!
Love ya