Sunday, October 14, 2012

Home-and my retreat-that's such a treat

How fitting (I suppose) that my last post was about arriving home.
For today I left my home, off to my next merry adventure. I shall describe that later on, for now I shall focus on the word home.
Home can mean a lot of different things, for me in particular in this case when I say home I'm talking about my casa  in my hometown, where I was (almost) born (in) & raised, and not just a specific house. I also will be talking of a specific house. So get confused, or don't.

For the next month I'm on a writing retreat, in the cape with around 26 unschoolers. It is so far, and I'm sure shall, continue to be fantastic. And once that month is thro, I shall head home, but not to the home I left today. My father & I are moving out of our apartment, to (another third floor) apartment a town over in Arlington. This means (as you may have inferred) I shall no longer be living in my hometown of Winchester.

Winchester, a quiet town north of Boston; full of rich kids with snobby noses.
Full of white class & big houses.
A town I fully enjoyed growing up in, despising it for all it lacked, yet thankful for what it was.
white, rich, bland,
easy access to woods, home also to some of my closest friends.
region of my childhood.

And now, on the eve of my 18th birthday, I shall no longer live in Winchester, leaving me to only claim that I was from this town. It saddens me to leave it, despite knowing that I'll spend much time there anyway with my friends (upon my return)....I no longer will live right downtown,  or have a roof to climb & gaze at the treetops & gaping sky.
No longer, no longer,
So it goes.
It will be missed, tho it would happen sometime
and I knew it so.

Our landlord wanted the space for his in-laws, and that is why we are moving. We don't have a moving date, for the move is a dance, a constant swirl of packing, perpetual motion that is revolving & revolving.

Basically, Pop's & I have been lugging stuff over to the new house & unloading it. Tho I'm now gone, my Old Man will continue this practice until Nov. 1st when he will have swept our home of all belongings and switch the lights off.

Meanwhile, I will be typing away & scribbling poems in a mad fashion.
That's right, I totally got the better end of this "deal".
Along with all the other writers, I get to lounge back & focus on writing for a whole month, enjoying the town of Hyannis.
The objective of this retreat is to complete a writing challenge.
I have a few ideas on this....I plan to write several structured poems (love to do some haikuyin' in particular), blog, and most likely write a memoir of my life in Winchester, which will include more intimate things about my hometown then I seem to be writing currently. Perhaps you will have the chance to read this at somepoint.
This reminds me of a great poem by Robert Creeley

Thanks for
what will be
the memory
if it is

Damn straight I dig it!

And in all this commotion I have all made an academic achievement & taken my GED. This is a high school equivalency test for any who don't know. I feel fairly confident on how I did, within two weeks I'll get the results back.

Well~Ta Ta
Buenos Noches me amigos,