Sunday, May 27, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Oh here I sit in a home, one of many I have,
but a home back North, in my Home-Town. 

I've finally returned to my sweet little home town. What a journey it was.....
I flew from Austin to Asheville in an entire day. A 10 hour trip total, going from Austin to Memphis to New York to Atlanta and then a short little ride over to Asheville. Si, a long day. Luckily it started early in the morning and I arrived to my east coast destination at 5:30ish.
Twas a most beautiful flight over the Carolina's, what gorgeous mountains. Green & lush, beaming with life, rollin' on all around. I got to talk to a very nice Englishman (quite chatty fellow) on the 'Lanta Asheville flight. He was coming over seas to meet two friends he meet online 10 years ago. They all were gunna stay in a cabin up in the mountains. He made several sex references to his night before with his girlfriend. Ah a good plane ride. Everyone else I was next to (on previous flights) didn't say much but this jolly chap immediately said hello as I sat down. Wunderbar. He also accepted the carrot I offered him. Plus, he wrote down his phone number incase I was ever in London. 

My time in Asheville was quite nice. Lovely to see the Bieglers and the other unschoolers in Asheville. Went to a free Grateful Dead cover shindig too, as well as the weekly drum circle. How awesome!
Kimi also gave me two fantastic gifts. A utensil figure, made out of forks spoons & a knife. Tis great, a little man with a big face hands & feet! And a body too.  She also gave me a Yerbe Mate gourd. Yahoo!
Yerbe Mate is my favorite tea, a super green tea it's full if antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and energy! 
It's energy is different than coffee for Mate is much more balanced (and nutritious) and does not give off the "jitters". Lacks the coffee/caffine withdrawl/addiction too. Anyway, it's great & I urge you to try it. Traditionally it's drunk out of a gourd, such as the one Kimi got me. To sip out of the gourd there is a special straw called a bombilla which filters the water from the leaves. After receiving the gourd, I bought the bombilla.

I had mate with me & so had a most delicious day of drinking mate. All day. It was then time fro ARGH, a big unschooling gathering up in the mountains. I had a great time, it was at a new camp ground and tho quite spread out I very much enjoyed it. Lots of horses all around! Was wonderful, our cabin (Biegler/Yablonski plus the Higgin/McBroom's, Maples, and Duncan Lovejoy) was way up on a hill. Two horses had a pasture right in front of the cabin. Gorgeous view from on top thar as well.

Leaving Asheville (tho more so the South) proved harder than expected! Having to take several buses to get home, my first layover was at Greenville South Carolina where I was to wait 'round fer a couple of hours before going to Charlottle NC. The bus came, and I was about to get on (after 5 people had boarded before me) when the bus driver said "Hold On".

The bus was full. Full! There was another guy who was on my Asheville to Greenville bus who was to take this same bus. Thankfully for us there was a bus comin' at 8. Bringing us in to Charlotte at 10, givin' me justa enough time to catch a 10:30 bus to D.C then home. At 7:45 I found out that the 8 O' Clock bus was 2-hours late. Sheeeet. I happened to have a lovely afternoon with this man, Matt. Roaming around Greenville. I almost got talked to by a cop for playing guitar next to the sidewalk (while sitting on a small stone wall). I was shirtless too, tho perhaps I was sitting on "private property". I had a wonderful lazy warm jam to myself before seeing Matt and leaving (as the cop stood nearby).

Thankfully the Christine (mother of Kimi) picked me up. In the morrow she drove me to Charlotte. There I found out that I had left my cell phone at Kimi's house. Luckily there happened to be a phone store right inside the bus station. So after buying meself a new phone we all waited for the bus. Twenty minutes after schedule it came by & i got on (and that's when it all began).

Perhaps you'll notice the Dead reference in thar. Anyway the bus had a slight problem (the luggage door wouldn't shut) which led to a 2 hour delay. So in turn the train I was to take (at 10 pm) in D.C. I would now miss. My father (who had got the train ticket) looked for later trains. He told me they ran every hour. Great!

A few minutes later he texted back saying that was false. Ahh crap. Tho he soon found a 3:15 am train out to Boston! Wunderbar! He then switched tickets to the 3:15 train.....a couple hours later, in Richmond Virginia, the bus driver announced without heavy traffic we'd get to D.C. by 9. Oh, well, whatta ya know. Me Pop's then switched tickets back to the 10 pm (once I was close to D.C. and sure of my 9 O' Clock arrival). 

After almost forgetting my suitcase I boarded the train & off I went! Boston Ho!

I slept a tad, waking up as the sun was rising. Gawd it was beautiful. I wrote two poems to my friend Julien & my father inspired by the New Dawn.
My father, Julien, Andrew, & Josh had all come to pick me up. I was not aware my 3 amigos would be there, but frankly it wasn't too surprising they were. Instead of going thro the station after getting off the train, I went around the building. It was quicker, outside, and, as I walked I realized I avoided any trap that was possibly set fer me at 8 in the morning. Strolling up to where main doors of South Station I saw three tired young chaps sitting on a bench. Moi amigos.

A silly grin appeared on my face as tho they seemed to be starring in my direction didn't notice me.
"What, you not even gunna get up for me? I don't look that different." I yelled feeling giddy. They looked up and we met and hugged. My father at this time was strolling out from the same direction I came from. Camera in hand we smiled & hugged.

And at 8 in the morning, I was in the North, in Boston. Home.

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  1. Loved hearing of your trip my tired hippy nephew boy. You have fascinating adventures full of music and great friends. I know your pops is sooo happy to have you back and your momma is sooooo missing you! How wonderful to be loved from east to west. You are are getting to know some of the hot spots of America darling. Enjoy your east coast sojurn. Maria is very excited to be coming your way. Nerissa and Steven are celebrating Steven's grad moment. Have fun with family baby. I will be there in spirit. Am in Honolulu woking this week - teaching arts ed stuff that I love - social studies through dance - then going to Kona to talk about puppets. And all this on crutches baby - imagine not being able to walk! it is a trip but you know all stages and speeds have their beauty and I am grooving to this situtaion all the while trying to work hard to improve it...OK baby nitey nite from aunty