Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wowzer, Hey Now!

Hey all you die-hard fans. I'm back!
It's been a tiring week...or two weeks.  Been mainly very tired from some early mornings..... (I worked a lot & made money! Yay!) It was a fun two weeks or whatever. And now, I'm finally updating! YAY!
Since I got up pretty early today,  I'm watching Flight of The Conchords & writing on my blog!

Later today I'm going to be part of an unschooler's panel at MIT (A college in Boston just in case you didn't know). I might tell ya how it goes! I also got a 10 speed bike (thanks Pop's!). It's quite old & retro, and very awesome! I could feel the power of it toodlin' around the parking lot. Fun, fun. My other bike is a single gear bike (meaning I cannot shift) which is much harder to ride. and by harder, I mean uses a lot more work. Love it though!
In other news, I've picked up Harry Potter & the Deathly Hollows. For the first time, so no spoilers please!

Now, the best news of all!
Now, who is Furthur? Well, come closer little boy (said in a raspy Italian voice) Mafia man aside, Furthur is a band made up of Bob Weir & Phil Lesh (From.... 
THE GRATEFUL DEAD). Wait...Grateful Dead? Isn't that like some old jam band? They played on & on? YEAH. IT IS. My favorite band hands DOWN. ALL THE WAY DOWN. All the down. To me, they are so very fantastic. Futhur's lead guitarist is this guy named John, he was the lead guitarist for Dark Star Orchestra....basically the ultimate Dead cover band. Pretty sweet.
So yeah, I'm very excited to be going. I have a ticket to the Sunday show, but I'm gonna go to the other shows & buy tickets there :)
I'm slowly roundin' some friends to go. Man, I'm so pumped.
By the way, that Mafia guy? I just started watching the Godfather :)
Never seen the whole thing so I got it from the library the other day. It's really good. Very, very good.

Alright, this post is quite short....I might update it again tonight, and or tomorrow.
Au Revoir!

Nope! Guess again! If you guessed the first time. guessed at what, I don't know.  HARRY POTTER IS SO GOOD. I want to talk about Harry Potter. It's Fabulous. Just fantastic. MAYBE SPOILERS.
Just warnin' ya.

I really like how J.K. Rowling goes back & forth between comedy and seriousness in the Deathly Hollows. Light & Dark. Bouncing back & forth. When I saw the latest movie, I was very confused about a lot of things. I'd seen all the movies....but forget most of the things...small or large. I knew the plot (general stuff) but didn't get a lot of stuff. My father read the first 4 books to me as a child, but we then stopped. I hadn't picked up the books on my own either. Until this fall. Kimi more or less told me to read them, or she'd beat me with 'em.  No...not really, but it sounds better that way. Anway, I started reading them. Good stuff. Picked up on the 5th :)
I can see so many differences between the books & movies too! It's really fun to have them dawn upon you. There is a lot too! It makes sense, though I'm a bit surprised. Hmmm, wish I could read now.
Alas, I'm spending the night at Marin's! My wonderful girlfriend who is sitting right next to me ;) We might watch a movie. In-case you were wondering.....Heh, I really feel like a sex joke should be put it. I can't think of one though.......Ya know (No, I don't think you do, unless I told you.) when I was visiting my buddy Milan in California (About 3 years ago I think) we cracked "That's What she Jokes" every 30 seconds. Literally. It was crazy & mad fun. Even at the diner table, we'd silently cumunicate
with chuckles & looks. Well, found my sex joke...;)

Take care,
Liam <3
 Oh! Oh! Oh! The panel!
There is a alternative education course that's going on at MIT, and the guy running it asked a lot of Boston Unschoolers to come in for a Q & A. So I did! My father came in as well, and that  was really cool to have an unschoolin' parent as well as teens. It was really groovy.
Well, Marin is buggin' me to finish up, so SEE-YA!

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