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Warning: This is long.

So, last Friday night was the Sophomore Semi-Formal for Winchester High.
I of course desperately wanted to go. It would be much fun to dance around people that I like (and some I hardly see) and dance around people I dislike that I hardly get to see. Since I don't go to Wincehster High School, I'd need to be someone's date. That wasn't hard at all to find. I had a lot of offers which frankly surprised me (I was quite glad though). I originally wanted my friend Jason "Jesus" St. Jean-Dorcy to bring me.
If you don't know this wonderful person, I think you are in need of a meeting. He is after all, our Lord & Savior. His nickname of Jesus is pronounced with a hard "J". It's like the bowler Jesus in "The Big Lebowski."
The Lord & Savior.

Anyway, more about that fantastic kid latter. My date turned out to be Josh Clemson, a good friend who lives up the street with fiery red hair. To get into the Semi you need this form signed. I had no idea of this fact till two days before the dance. It also cost $25. Luckily, I have a good friends and a good father, so money wasn't a big issue. (Got my buds to pitch in, not sure who owes who money though...) The form was an issue. Or not so much the form, but buying a ticket with the form.
Mr. Clemson & I came up with a simple plan. (This is Wednesday night mind you)
On Thursday I would enter the High School during First Lunch, fill the form out, and buy a ticket.
This, I was pretty sure, was against school policy. Whoops.
But, as we found out the next day during lunch, the principal could care less. Josh & I had filled out the form, and my dad had "signed" it. All that was needed was the principal's signature. This scared me, for I had simply walked into the school, with telling any authority figure. The principal asked no questions. When Josh asked for permission for me, a homeschooler who lives in Winchester do go, he simply said "Sure."
I was amazed.
I then sat in on a 10th grade English class.
The rest of expedition is for later.
I had my ticket to the dance!

The next day I found out Josh was sick. And he wasn't going. This was a slight kink. He was supposed to be bringing me. I talked with my other bud Julien, told him this, and asked for him to bring me in. Julien wanting me to go, agreed.
I figured the people in charge of the dance would have no problem with this slight change, after all, I had bought a ticket..

So, the dance being in half an hour, I needed to get ready.

Washed my pits, and  put my fabulous Tie Dye Pants on :)

My plan was to walk in with Semi-Formal attire (Suit Jacket & nice pants) wearin' Tie Dye underneath.
My father prepared some supper as I washed myself, and now it was time to eat! Time was a tickin!

Takin' a few bites of super, hiding my Colors

Looking a bit more formal, with dashes of color

My father gave me several ties to wear, I choose the one most matching my tie dye.
I grabbed my nice, black indoor shoes to wear. I hoped I could remove them when the dance started (I could!)

A wonderful warm coat provided by my gracious Father completes my outfit.

As I told my dad I wasn't sure what to wear as a coat, he promptly said "I have just the thing!" and ran off, to get the giant coat.
I was at first a little taken back, but he insisted. "It's your Semi-Formal!"
I leave, taking boots with me to leave on the porch, in case I wanted to change into them.
And so the I headed off to the dance. I met Julien, and we headed inside.  There we were asked our names. I explained 'bout  how Josh Clemson wasn't going, and that Juilien could take me instead. The lady was fine with it, and we continued on our way inside.

The dance was takin' place in Winchesters Town Hall. It had a great open space for dancing, a stage where the DJ did his thing, a place for water & pretzels, hangin' coats, and a place to put our bags. They took everyone's "bags" (which happened to be my bag & a bunch of girls purses). In case we had any "illiegal things". I did not have anything illegal, instead I had clothes. Lot's of clothes.  Backtrack Time
Kimi Biegler had stayed over on Thursday night, it was much fun. Made mint brownies, & watched "Dazed and Confused" a stoner-esk comedy about the last day of school in 1976 for some high school students. It had a greeat sound track of rock.
Anywho, Kimi brought with her many clothes, mainly dresses. I borrowed a pretty blue dress (Strapless, not that it really mattered for me) & rainbow suspenders. YEAH. RAINBOW SUSPENDERS. So groovy man.
Well anyway, I was bringing those to things to wear, a white puffy shirt (to go with the suspenders) and a few tie-dye shirts (In case I wanted to change my other tie-dye shirt).

Back to the to dance. I handed over my bag, which had all of my clothes in it. I had not idea if I'd be able to get into my bag, which would cause a major problem....I really wanted to wear the dress. I hoped to get it back at some point, in the meanwhile I started to boogie. Now, back to Jason, AKA Jesus. When I saw him on Thursday during school he said he wasn't able to go, for he didn't have the money (and maybe didn't have the form, I didn't ask) with him. This saddened me deeply. As far as I was (and still am aware) that was the last (and maybe only) day to get your ticket. How manged to legally come, I don't know... Congrats to him, he did. Barely.
I asked some friends of his (before he came), if he was coming (Just makin' sure there was no way he was going) they said he was! I was quite happy, for I love him very, very much. I also knew the doors closed at 8 (Danced started at 7:30)....the lights got turned off, and maybe the music got louder. I figured I wouldn't see Jesus cartilage free nose, and smell his beautiful scent. No joke, I was quite sad. THEN DUHN DUHN DUNNNN!
I saw him. A tall, black teen wearin' a dark gray coat looking awkward near the doors.
"JASSOOOOONNNN!!!!!!" I yelled, my heart jumpin' with joy I lept upon him. He replied calmly, though slightly overwhelmed from  my greeting "Chill out Liam, man.". I then ran 'round & 'round tellin' everybody I was close to that Jason was here. The Semi-Formal had started.

I boogied, wearin' my Suit Jacket I had bought at a thrift store and the nice pants that were covering my tie dye. I then took them off ( my shoes & socks already ditched) in a flash, yellin' "Burst of Color!" My tie dye was revaled. I quickly danced around, showing off how colorful I was.

Burst Of Color: A motto of mine, whenever wearin' all tie dye. It started while travellin' down south with the Bieglers (Kimi's family) to an unschooling birthday party. Headin' down south (South Carolina) we picked up the amazin' Cameron LoveJoy. (Typically his last name doesn't have a capital Joy, but I wanted to get extra effect) One morning (the day of the party) after getting out of the shower in the Beiglers RV, I looked to Kimi and said "Blast of Color!" She laughed, and in my crazed mind I deiced to blast Cameron. Running to wear he was I yelled even louder "BLAST OF COLOR!" He cracked up. And Kimi & I fell apart laughin' too. What I didn't know till later, was he had just finished mediating.

As the dance resumed, I decided to have some fun. I went to school for 8 years, and though I certainly didn't make enenmies, I wasn't in the "in" crowd for the most part. So me & my friends had to deal with many douches, pretty much all from the wonderful "in" crowd. I wanted to have some fun against them.
My main weapon was Homophobia. The fear of being gay yourself. A wonderful "Social Disease" as a button on my bag puts it. Dancing at these dances, was either by yourself, or with someone else. If you were with someone else, it most likely was grinding. Movin' all your "private zones" up against someone elses. As Julien put it that night, "Sex with clothes on."

So, my first "attack", or as I'd all it, joke/prank was on a kid named Evan. I asked him to dance with me, the weird overly colorful kid who doesn't go to school. I moved my hips & had a gleeful look on my face. A good friend (Zach) said he'd sandwich us. Evan of course refused and promptly left, without a smile. Zach & I chuckled and continued boogie-ing around. I then found Jason & our friend Bridget. Near them was basically, a douche line-up all grinding "popular" girls. It was a sign, with Jesus next to me, I knew it was time.

The line-up was of John D, Evan, & I truly I forget the other kid, I think he was Trevor.
Trevor, in 6th grade during a recess (which were few) decided to steal the ball I & my boys were playing with. Trevor and his "cool" friends took it, and played keep away, as we tried pleading the ball back. How fun. I can't remember any one story filled with the doucheness of John & Evan, but they are plenty.

"I'm going to grind on them. Yeah, yeah I'm going to grind Johnny' I said to Jason & Bridget. They were quite happy 'bout that.

There they are, distracted, as I'd be dancin' with a girl. Prankster time baby!
I went up right behind John & started to grind, I'd do it long enough to get his attenion. It didn't take long at all. His head spun back, then looked forward again. Registering. He turned his head a second time, realizing that it wasn't one his friends making a joke. It was me, a freak, pulling a prank. That was not cool. He quickly broke off from his grinding, pushing me on the floor.

Now, I figured nothing to bad was going to happen when I grinding him. Of course, I truly had no idea what this testosterone filled jock would do. I hoped if a fight broke out, it would end quickly. I had no intrest in getting into a fight, so I'd simply try t owalk away. Luckily, all he did was push me flat on the ground, and fortunely for me, I slid. Slid right back next to Jas & Bridget. I was estatic. Laughing me head off as I slid, I could hear Bridget & Jason laughing as well. John was yelling the "F" word, and possibly asking me if I wanted to fight. I couldn't hear him. Blasting music & laughter was all I heard. I smiled and continued bouncin' around the room.

After dancing & talkin' about my encounter I realized that the dance was almost over. Just about half an hour left (It was 'round 10:00, ended at 10:30). It was time to see if I could get my dress on. I had thought about not bothering, but I decided that I did want it. I asked the lady who was in charge of watchin' over the bags, if I could have mine to take something. I was quite vague & hoped she would just hand it over. Handing me my bag she asked what I needed. I took out the blue dress, "This."

After putting it on, I twirled the dance floor with it, showing it off. It got many compliments which surprised me. I was quite glad though. Bridget, who was in a very pretty dress, seemed quite happy 'bout me in one as well.

(I swear I'm almost done)

After dancing some more, I decided to have a bit more "fun". Headin' over to where all the popular kids where, I found Trevor. He was sitting down next a bunch of people on the steps leadin' up to the stage. I figured asking him to dance wasn't going to cause a fight. I was thankfully right. After I politely asked (including moving my hips and swishing the dress) he declined, telling me to leave. Completely straight-faced, which of course made me smile. I then used the "I'm in a dress line" Still more "No's".
"I'm a girl" a quickly said laughing. I don't think he heard, which slightly disapointed me. I then laugh hearing him say "I don't care what you do, but no, I'm not doing that with you."

My father soon after arrived, takin' some pictures of me in Kimi's dress.
 (Currently I'm watching G.I. Joe, the original cartoon...pretty spectacular. Just sayin')

The dance didn't last long after this. It happened to play two slow songs, that I actually liked.
I twirled & twirled, enjoying the slightly slower paced songs.
The Winchester High School's Sophomore Semi-Formal was now over.
The lights came on and people started putting on their coats & shoes (I think I was the only guy who had his shoes off )

Julien, Saavan & I left, headin' downtown to meet Jason. He had left at 10 with some friends to hangout. On the way, I yelled about how there was all these big cars coming to pick up kids.  Winchester is full of big SUV's.....on the way, we passed Trevor getting into a car. "Maybe next time Trevor!" I called. He flatly just like before, said "No."
As it turned out, Jason was heading for the town hall just as Julien, Savaan & I were headin' downtown. Somehow, we missed each other. We met up with him and a friend named Mark in front of the town hall. After Mark was picked up, I urinated on a snowbank in an undisclosed location.
The Boys & I decided to head to my house, for my dad was out. There, we hung out briefly, reading dirty jokes from a joke book.
Jason stayed later then Julien or Saavan, only living a minute away. My father had turned on the television so Jas & I watched a bit of tv. After Jesus took a short, unexpected nap, he left and I went to bed. I was very tired.

Afterwards....a very sleepy bunch.
So that was my Friday night. Lot's of fun, dancin' around. I wrote most of this on Valentine's day (But currently finishing it Tuesday night) so I'd like to have a special (though brief) shout-out

Marin is a lovely lass who lives in Bedford Mass. She is my girlfriend of 2 years (November, my dad's birthday is our anniversary as a matter of fact). She has golden hair, and bright blues eyes, with a sparklin' smile :)
Happy (day after) Valentine's Day babe, I love you.

To any of those who don't really like V day, my apologies, I'm not a big fan either. But I do love that women very much. Anywho, I'm quite tired & still have to (edit) do dishes.
Goodnight World, I love you. <3
P.S. I apologize about any "grammar" mistakes. I don't use proper English, and thanks to blogspot/old, slow computer not working, I've barely edited this. Sorry folks.

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