Monday, April 11, 2011

Cowboyin' it up to play some Texas Blues!

Hey...Life is is currently a swirl of chaos, and a spiral of organizations......
I'm moving to Austin Texas!
That's right kids, and we're leavin' soon! My mother & I will be leaving this state of Massachusetts by the end of April. Then with our good friend Micheal we'll be roadtrippin' down to good 'ole Texas. Not that I really think Texas is all that great. As my good friend Jonah put it "Austin's the only place you wouldn't get shot." from what I've heard, Austin is pretty hip. It's also the capital which I found quite surprising, totally thought the Cap would be Houston or Dallas. Dallas Cowboys N' such....but nope, Austin is. Austin has a giant music scene, and a lot to do. So yeah, I'm pretty excited!
But fear not Northern loved ones! I'll be flyin' back to Boston a week after I arrive, and staying throughout the summer. Then in October comes my birthday, followed closely by good 'ole X-Mas. And those special days are always better with friends. So I might not be down South till the New Year. Who knows man.....Oh and, I'll be back & forth between Austin & Boston :) Two homes, two very different places
So I'm sorry my (NOW 10, NOT 7, BUT 10) followers about my lack of writing. Water Street (my mother & I's home) is ordered chaos and as my Mom put it, "Transitional Wings". (I used to have 7 followers but now I have 10, all according the google whatevers)
So yeah, crazyness. Walls are mostly bare, and there are a lot of boxes. So many boxes....some empty, some filled. A LOT, has been done here. Mainly by my crazy Mother <3.
This whole process reminds me of last year, when we (my mother & I) moved to our current-not-for-long home. Course I don't want this to be an every year thing. Last year was my first move, more or less down the street from 38 Eaton Street to Water Street.

Okay so why am I moving? Yeah good question Chuck (You are now Chuck).
Well, financially, the year has been really tough between house rent AND a rent for my Mom's office. At Eaton Street she worked "out of the house" as in inside the house. And now, for the first time in my life, that phrase actually makes sense to me. Wow. Crazy, I get it! Yay dude. I've known it for years, and never got that phrase. She also is really tired of New England, and has a great friend in Austin (who we are moving in with)

MAN! It's so nice out right now (2 am early Tuesday Morn, the 12th). Night birds. Man, Spring is here and it's beautiful. Today was so warm (Monday the 11th). Still haven't worn a sarong yet....but barefoot, oh yes! I must listen to these night birds again. They made such a pleasant sound as I took a short walk and gazed at the sky. So happy to be writing again <3
I'd love to go on about my nice warm day with my beloved girlfriend, packing, and other rambles....but I must sleep. So here it is folks, I'm on a new adventure! Ya-hoo!
Love to you all,

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