Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cool Things :)

So, cool things in my life when I'm in the process of moving by next week. Wow, that's crazy. Next week I'll be gone (for 2 weeks). But still, this house I've lived in for the past year will be rented out to someone else. My hoot of a landlord insists I visit her of course. She is quite funny.....Theresa is in her mid 70's, totally enjoying life. She's very sweet, caring and all around a delight to hang with. My friend and I once joined in on a late supper with her & my mom (plus a few of Theresa's nieces friend, and niece). We were quickly served food without asking for it....without evening agreeing to have food. Since we there, we were to eat! Theresa heated some spaghetti & gravy up for us,  and pretty much insisted we had some. Also, this "'gravy" is not the classic Thanksgiving graving. This gravy is that red tomato sauce thing. But according to Italians, this is gravy.

Numerous times Theresa has told me how handsome I am, and how lucky Marin was to be dating me. "If only I was younger!" She said. She's also commented on how cute my friends were, calling them her boyfriends. She adores my headband & style, which is really cool....I'm not sure I can say the same for Sister Geri, Theresa's nun sister. She's nice, but also kinda of a stickler, and highly religious. My mom wondered if she was so uptight cause she's never had sex. That find pretty spectacular. Father Richard is a cool guy who stays with Theresa a few nights of the week. When Theresa first told me mom this, she reassured my Mother that he wasn't a boyfriend. Just long time friends, and Richard was at Theresa's mothes deathbed or something....Not really sure. But he's cool.

Cool things. Learned several songs on guitar including Franklin's Tower (by The Grateful Dead) a favorite of mine. I'm also pretty excited about goin' down to Austin! Sadly for me, I may not wear all the clothes I'd like to on the way down there....evidently, Texan's like their guns....

When I arrive back to Boston, I'm going to a Junior Prom!
Marin & I are going to her school, for a biiiiiiiig dance. I'll also being were a Tux
On the formalitly bar, that beats what I wore to the Winchester Semi-Formal!

The Tux I'm wearing is my Mom's stepdad's. It's pretty hip, it has tails!

But the "coolest" thing is about this blog!

People in Europe have read my blog! And in Singapore! That was a little mind blowing to me! I don't know anyone there. Crazy. People have read it in Canada too, but I know several people was good to see, but not WILD CRAZY OHHMGEEEEEE!

So there ya go :)
Back to packing , groovin' to the Allman Brothers
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
Liam :)


  1. Now someone in Taiwan has read your blog. And I love it! Have fun in Texas, I hear Austin is great. I am so glad that you will be back for June. Can't wait to see you and catch up in person, you handsome fellow!!!
    Luv ya,
    Auntie Maria

  2. Awesome! I'm glad.
    Totally dude!Q
    Love you too Auntie :)