Sunday, June 5, 2011

Drivin' and other things (Battle of the Bands, Cousin's Graduation)!

 Hey Now!
Been "ages" since my last post, so I'm writing now!
My return to Boston was pretty nice. Marin (My girlfriend) came & surprised me at the airport. A fuuuuun car ride indeed ;)

Now that I'm back here I've been doin' a lot of driving! Much fun dude!
I realized I'd gone driving multiple times without my permit....I had put my wallet (with my permit inside) in a pair of pants that were then plopped on the floor of my room. Oh well! Got it now so we're all good. Anyways, before what was today but now yesterday (June 4th) I had been on the highway once. A short little journey from Burlington to Winchester (Mass, not to Burlington Vermont). It was a bit scary, but alright.
He wanted some appreciation (He was right next to me as I typed this), for he is certainly a great dad & totally annoying.
Anyways, Winchester's Battle of The Band was pretty fun. I always dig live music, and the bands were pretty good! Cool stuff, sadly no shenanigans afterwards, but oh well. Certain friends had some love duties to attend too :)
And then it was time to head to New York City! Not that night though,  Saturday, June 4th.
 My cousin Nerissa is graduating on Monday, and the family is comin' down to celebrate!
Nerrissa's mom came from Bainbridge Island Washington, and my Aunt Mauli arrived to New York from Kauai Hawaii! My other cousin & her mom are comin' down too! Plus I'm sure others. We're staying at an old family friends house, Genie Rogers. She has a really nice house that has a great porch overlooking water! She lives right off a canal or somethin' of the sort. Well, it's a very lovely place in Brooklyn. Dinner was super tasty....grilled corn, quinoa salad, potato salad, bread. Man, I just wanted to keep eating. And it wasn't even the "real" party!

As I was saying, I drove on the highway again. It was nerve-a-rackin' & fun. I also got annoyed with my father much more than I normally do while driving.
Definitely harder (and more stressful) to drive on the highway then regular streets.
Twas fun though, even when *kinda* lost control of the car....
Yep, goin' probably around 65 mph, and trying to get into the other lane, and well, then I'm not really sure what happened. There coulda been aliens man. I heard my father shout my name in alarm, grab the wheel for a second, but then I had "control" of the car, though it was gettin' curvy at the high speeds. With I'm sure a smile (even though we almost ran off the road and possibly coulda hit a sign that my father recollected was there, though I don't remember it) I regained control of the car and thought that after the yell of danger, it was a fun time. This I found pretty crazy. Seconds later my father told me to take deep breaths (which was possibly more for him then me) and then nervousity kicked in.

We soon got off the interstate (took a pee/breather at dunkin donuts) then I continued to drive on what was the old highway before the interstate. Two lanes in each directions, and still driving fast paced (for me, going close to the speed limit, 50-60-65 mph). There also was of course on & off ramps, so it was quite similar to the big interstate, except smaller. Definitely better for me (and my father), even though at one point I was blocked in on the fast lane (and calmly freaking out) until I could get back to the right lane.

All in all a fun drive, and listening to the Grateful Dead totally helped me out (staying calm and not too annoyed with my dad).
My dad took over to head into the Big Apple, and we arrived.
More driving will come, hopefully all when I'm in control of the vehicle :)

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