Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Austin Life

Since my last post I have not thought about blogging until today. There was no crazy adventures that made me want to write, write, write. Nothing utterly fantastic that I wanted to share with everybody (everybody meaning whoever actually reads these things). Just life. And so it hit me not long ago (It is now 3:41 on the 11th) while I sat on a stump outside enjoyin' a cool Austin day as I ate my salad, that my life would be great to write about. Great not because of mad adventures, great for it was pure & simple, like carrot juice.
Carrot juice is a delicious juice made from the fruits of carrot trees. My father & I would make juices often when I was a small child, and carrot juice was not only a favorite, but a regular. Here in Austin we have Odwalla's carrot juice, which not as good as the soft foam off of fresh juice, but it is still quite nice.

Since my first few days of exploring the city with friends, I've mainly been at my new home. I enjoy my yerbe mate tea everyday. That is quite delightful. It's to hot as soon as I brew it, so I let it steep, then put it in the fridge or freezer to cool. Hamilton (My mom's good friend who lives here, in the house) bought a whole kilo of the leaves for $5, a great deal.
I've never been so hot, sweaty, clean all in a single day before I moved here.  It's crazy! I've taken one shower already today, and I know I will have a second soon!

As for my day to day activities, it starts early (for me). The first few days I'd be up before 10, but now I'm sleeping in til around 10:30.  Then I simply lie in bed. Read, check facebook. My days are relaxed, I drink tea, play my guitar, and read. I've read most of the free comics that I got, and near the end of "On the Road". I keep talking about that book, cause man, it's the best. It's just faaaan-tastic. And I'm in love with it! In-case you didn't see my status I recently bought "The Original Scroll" which is the first draft of "On The Road" that is "rougher, wilder, and racier than the 1957 edition".  It doesn't contain alias, and as I just mentioned, a lot wilder. The first part of the book is different people talking about Jack Kerouac's writing of "On The Road".....then it's the original thing. He wrote it all out on 8 pieces of thin art paper that he attached making a long "scroll". Pretty groovy. That'll be really fun to read once I'm finished with the 1957 version. Other than reading, drinking tea and showering, I'm playing a lot of guitar. Specially when I first arrived. Now not as much...for I'm watching a show called Dexter. It's a  crazy show about a serial killer who kills criminals (that have escaped the law). It's quite good and I just finished the 3rd season. But back to that thing about guitar, man it's rad. I've learned a some new scales too which is really helpful & cool. Backtrack after backtrack, just jammin' out.

I don't know really what else to say. Oh, I've been writing some poetry too!

My life is really nice down here and I dig it all.


  1. The fruit of carrot trees? Are these a Fall fruit? How tall do these trees grow? Do rabbits sit in the trees and eat the fruit? Do the trees grow next to the potato trees and the garlic trees?

    You brought this upon yourself, young man, by leaving that door WIDE OPEN.

  2. Hehe yes they do! The rabbits sit right there.