Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hello, I Love You

"Hello, I love you
Won't you tell me your name? 
Hello, I love you 
Let me jump in your game."
~"Hello I love you" by The Doors.
Such a great song, one of my favorites of The Doors.

So I decided that I'd save what I have for walking for later. This week or next.

Mhmm, fire man. At my mothers house (Water Street as it is known by) we have a fireplace. What a wonderful thing. My mom started a excellent fire earlier tonight, but as I started to write it was dying down. One log and some chunks of ember was what remained. So I plopped some more logs on & now it's going strong. Not super blasting, but that's okay.

Anyway, I think I'll write about me. (Remember, I'm selfish?)
Oh! First of all, I'll write about the name of this blog.

Young: Being 16, I count as a minor throughout the United States. Of course, it's legal for me to have sex in most states, with another 16-18 year old. Course, I don't think that law would really stop me and my partner if we wanted to have sex..hehe.  So, by law, I'm a youngin'...and by age. My laughing fits & inmaturatiy aside, I think I'm a mature young person though.

Tired: Most likely, I will be tired as I write this. Right now, the time is 1:32 am (February 8th) & I'm quite tired. I just got off the phone with my friend Kimi...I'll be headin' to bed right after I finish this section. I stay up late, and though I do sleep in....I get tired. Specially when I stay at friends houses, & stay up to the wee hours of la morning. Sleepy Sleepy! (Off to bed for now, finish this post tomorrow!)
(This is now Wednesday, sometime after 10 PM)
Hippie: Well I'm a hippie. Uh yeah. Pretty much I guess....everyone seems to say it, and I'd agree. I also in a way, feel weird calling myself a hippie sometimes....cause weren't hippies in 60's? (Makin' me some kinda of cheap knockoff) Truly, I believe there's some amount of "hippie" in each one of us.  Some, just show it more. And, frankly, what a exactly makes a hippie? I'll leave that hangin' for ya.

Rambles: I RAMBLE. Most people will agree to this.  I can go on & on about the same thing or, I'll just keep talkin' & talkin' about whateverrrr. Nonstop. I also sometimes mumble, and it's CATACLYSMIC when I combine both of 'em. And by cataclysmic, I mean, "Ha, good luck understanding what I'm saying." As my father knows, when I tell stories (mainly to him) I will include all the details I can remember, way much more then he'll remember....or truly need to know....Of course, I'd fell very untrue to myself not havin' all the details in....then I'm sad. Boohoo. Heh, that was kinda of a ramble.
That little thingy 'bout me tellin' stories to my dad doesn't have much to do with rambling....but I'm going to keep it the world will know.

Oh no, I explained the title! Hmmmm, what shall be next?
Me takin' a shower & headin' to bed. The current time was 11:03 PM, but after "editing" 
the current time is now 11:17 PM.


  1. I think that kids who dress in the appearance of the 60's hippies are called "neo-hippie". Similar to the way kids who dress in the fashion of 70's punks are called "post-punk". But in 2010, one is left wondering if these(flash in pan) "ideologies" are fashion?

  2. Ha yeah. I don't really mind either way, I like the fashion, I wear that fashion, I believe "hippish" thoughts. Fells true to me.

  3. I love you too - especially on Valentine's Day - Quite fascinating to get the glimpse into you - mahalo for sharig - me i no like post nothing on FB cause I am not really sure I like the world to know - maybe I think they might not want to know...loved the part about hte fire at your moms. some favortie memories of New England are about the fires - watching them poking them -stoking them - glowing flamng dying out coming back strong flames dancing - danced today to some nice music at one vlaetines party then passed out on the coudhcinstead fo going to the second one. Am working on a really cool song that I am going to dance solo next week monday night in my new red velvet dress! OK gotta get ready to teach tomorrow - I have to go to bed early or could be grouchy to the kids - not good - ramble on you cute hippy you neo or not i love it - am aproud former hippy myself - actualy i think im a n evolved hippy - my very favortie part of the blog was you telling about tlaking story with your dad. I just love the relationship you two have. I think it is vey awesome and am so graeftul that you two have such a rich fine bond with each other. please gve hugs and love to both your mom and dad for me. I don;t want to spel check - is that OK

  4. Haha thank you Mauli! I will, I'm glad of my relationship with my father as well.