Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hey Now! I'm slightly terrified by this.

And no, I wasn't referring to Half Time show....I "kinda" enjoyed it. More so, the mystical effects of Slash appearing & disappearing, the light up people-dancers, and spelling LOVE.  I thought the Pea's did a good job switching in between songs though. Of course, I'd be more entertained with Jefferson Airplane rippin' out "Somebody To Love". Or The Grateful Dead.... :)

Anywho, I'm finally starting my blog! Yahoo & yikes at the same time! Yahooikes!
(That's Why I'm "Terrified" By The Way)

Yeah! Random Capitalization!

So. Um. Hi! I'm Liam....this is my blog. I'll try to update it at least once a week!
Revision: My goal is to update this once a week ;)

Wow, now I sound a bite more professional. That reaaaally matters to me.
Hey, look, I Ramble. That's your warning folks. I will go on & on. But...I'll try to stop at points and say Au Revior.
(Notice I don't have an immediate revision saying my "goal" is to stop)

I don't know what to say truly....
The point of this blog is to "blog". About me. Cause I'm a very selfish person.
I will talk about different adventures, music, unschooling, friends (girlfriend too) & whatever is on my mind. I have written some things in a nice little journal, which I will be posting, and so I wouldn't be just pointlessly rambling.

So...I hope I didn't lose your interest in between rambles....because I want you to read my next post (most likely) about Walking!
What a fun subject kids :)
1. Yes, it probably will be about walking.
2. Please read it. It will (hopefully) be funny.

Man, I could go on & on...
Till Next Time,
Liam <3


  1. Commander cool you are so selfish XD

  2. You lost my interest when you spelt lose wrong.

    Just kidding. But seriously.