Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 1 On The Road! (and a few other things)

Weary traveler me & my mother be~
Currently we are at a Sleep Inn in Carlisle  PA
This is mostly all written in the car traveling, and now being typed up & published

We finally left 10 Water Street at around 2. I had spent the night at my dad's, and had breakfast with my Mom's good friend Linda and her daughter Astrid around 10 O' Clock Am. Then after a final clean, we started to get the cats (3 of them) used to having small doggy harnesses & leashes on.....dreadful things...then after a long goodbye, we were off!
To Starbucks!
Then we were really ON THE ROAD!
Heading south we took a wrong turn and started heading for New York City, which we didn't want to do. As we got off the highway I saw a Hooters. Jokingly, I said we should stop there (my mom needed a coke, and figure out how to get back on 84). She in a lighthearted, though serious tone totally agreed. In the "end" I stayed with the cats and car, while my mom went in. So I was starred down by some tough looking guys. At least southern people supposedly act nice & smile...these guys were a bit scary haha.....Ah, the life of a young care-free hippie...specially when dressed in a (Grateful Dead) sarong & just a (unbuttoned) jean jacket....and not really in "Hip Town".  Ha, we just passed under a sign for "Austin Road" YUP!

Anyways, I like standing out. Makin' people think "Who the F is it that?"
Freaks Unite Man
I like dressin' in all tie-dye to be "Oh yeah, BAM color baby, I'm crazy & wild"...and cause I dig tie-dye man!

As for Sarongs (skirt like things you wrap and tie and the hip,  Here's what some look like) my landlord summed it up pretty well "they are way more beautiful than shorts, and comfy"
That was totally paraphrased but oh well man. They are soft, comfy, gorgeous & breezy :)
I love my style (and most of the looks I get) but it's not flaky to get attention...just in case you were confused ;)

Near Scranton Pa we stopped off the highway (in a woody area) to check on the cats. One of them pissed on their small blanket, oh well...they are quite freaked and not happy :/
I wish there was a better, less scary (for them) way to get them down there (Austin) preferably without my Mom & I wouldn't have to worry (to much) about them, and just focus on the drive.

It's dark as I write this except for the car light, which creates an awesome reflection in the wind shield of my notebook, sarong, & jacket.

We just had a late (9:30) super at Marvelous Muggs restaurant and pub. I was doubtful how I'd like the food options, and the quality of it.
We hurried in for they closed at 10.
There was a waiter at the serving table, about to rush off. Noticing me she turned with a smile. My mom right behind me, I asked for a table for 2. As I asked for this, the sever/manger came over, to make sure the waiter (Morgan) "got it". And that she did.
Morgan had to little braids, some greenish blue eye liner and a really rad presumably hemp necklace. And a nose-ring!

For dinner, I had a grilled portabella mushroom burger with sauteed onions, peppers & lettuce. For my side dish, I had rice pilaf. Plus a pickle!
My mom had crab-cakes with mashed potatoes. As Morgan came over with refills of win & water, we started talking with her. My mom (kinda out of the blue) mentioned how we were headed to Austin from Boston. Turns out she is goin' to Boston for a Dispatch concert on June 24th.
Later I asked her what kind of music Disptched played;
"Kind of, Rock N' Roll Reggae" she explained. Plannin' on checking them out!

My mom told her I was a musician..."Guitar, and I'm learning  some harmonica" I said as she jumped in excitement at the mention of harmonica. She loved the harmonica, "So great to fool around with!". Passion was between us. Music & the Arts. She had previously explained she was in college for Art,  painting & photography. And yes Dad, we mentioned that you also took a few snapshots of "cool things". She was really hip & I wished I could've talked with her more.

I knew through most of dinner that I was going to write my blog down on something.
I told her I liked her necklace, to which she smiled replying "oh, thank you! I like your, uh, everything!" (It was either "everything, style" or something very similar."
Thanks Morgan. Maybe I'll see you in Boston...?
I did indeed write the name of my blog down, the URL, & my name.
So Morgan, if you're reading this, I'm very glad <3

It's now almost quarter to 4 in the am, and I (and me mum!) are off to bed. The cats seemed to have calmed down a bit and settled in the hotel room. Tomorrow we head to Asheville, to meet friends :)

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