Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 2 & 3, Asheville & 'Lanta

May-2-3, I'm currently bloggin' from a hotel in Atlanta a little before midnight. This is once again written on the road, and now being copied to the internet.

Day 2-
After barely recognizing the sound of my alarm in my dream, I awoke in my dark hotel room. I quickly drifted back into a light sleep. After leaping out of bed & dressing, I raced to the lobby for breakfast thinking it was closing at 9, and it was about 10 till. It turns out they didn't close it down at all.

I chatted with a tall older guy after he commented on my "colorful skirt" (What he said was "That's a colorful skirt"). Now that I think about it that's kinda of an odd comment. He didn't say "I like your skirt" or "That's a pretty skirt".
His comment...was uh, obvious.
I was delighted to talk to him of course. I love talking to people.
I'm really enjoyin' "On The Road" by Jack Kerouac (Great Name).  Cameron Lovejoy lent it (and Dharma Bums, which I read first) last year. As the roadtrip materialized I realized it would be a great book for it. So I started it in Connecticut and now several chapters in. It also smells soooo good! Mhm-hmm! I also started reading some tales of Robin Hood. Pretty cool stuff.
My mom was quite tired so we pulled over at a subway so she could sleep & I could eat.
I got a veggie sub, called a friend and read Kerouac. It was very lovely out & an enjoyable time.

After my mother's second nap (she was fading again). I was pretty anxious to get to asheville. this turned quickly into a sour mood when I read that the GPS had our arrival at a few minutes before 9. Damn that!
I soon plugged in my ipod and began listening to American Beauty (Fantastic Grateful Dead album)
I didn't notice it was on shuffle, but I enjoyed the surprising change of pace. I layed my head down on a pillow and closed my eyes as the music took me home. I only listened to three songs in total, sleeping after the first two until the Rumblin' "Truckin'" woke me up. I slept for roughly a half-hour. In better spirits I explained to my mom that I feel asleep.
Soon afterward we passed through an area (in Virginia) that had been torn though by a Tornado. It was pretty crazy. Tree's where all over the ground next to a lot of housing pieces....Roofs torn & houses ripped. A while later (7:10 May Second) we past a storm chaser....Should I be worried?
Nothin' happened...yet ;)

Man, we're in the south now (not to be stereotyping of course). Just saw a buildin' saying "GUNS
Get Guns Here" and it also had "JESUS IS LORD"
Niiiice get guns while ya pray to the Lord!

We arrived at Josie's house a bit before 9. AS I got what I needed for the night, I heard Passion Pit blast out of a car. The car was Logan's as I figured from the sweet groovin' music. Logan unaware of me standin' on the other side of the road, holdin' a cat's leash, he started pulling into Josie's driveway (hehe, run on sentence!)
I could hear someone (Josie or Kimi) say "He's right over there"" to which Logan replied with a stare across the road. After Hugs, we drove to Logan's where Kimi & I had pasta. Logan & Josie had a long crazy wrestlin' match which took off all the covers & sheets of the bed. They're were many sex jokes made due to the noise....
After they were sweaty & hot, we had some cookies and took off to The Hop, (where Josie works) to get some ice cream. Tara another unschooler who was stayin' at Logan's came with. Tara, Kimi & I squeezed in the back while Logan & Josie were up in the front. We mainly talked about placenta's....and eating the and benefits they have. Tara knew a lot about them, and Logan was completely disgusted ( I was fascinated). We also talked about it if 1 in 10 people (or some kind of statistics like that) had penises on their chin. Fun car ride!
I got some delicious Mocha Oreo & Mint Oreo ice cream. Real good.  After hanging at Logan's for a while, he drove Kimi, Josie, & I to Josie's house. We quickly fell asleep. Asheville is really groovy. I'd love to live there. It has very lush suburbs that reminded me of Hawaii.... :)

May 3
I woke up to wonderful songs of the birds. It was lovely. This is day 3 of our trip. I soon left the Maples wonderful home. we stopped at a health fod store to get food & drink (yerba mate)
There I remembered I didn't give Kimi her "goodbye" present. I say "goodbye" cause I'll be back ub a few weeks for a while. I presumed she was in the shower fro she didn't answer my calls. I was right. She opened the door to the bathroom still soaking wet with a towel 'round her. I then gave her a very soft & cute stuffed animal of a cow. She was very happy about this which I was glad about. Departing the Maples Abode, my mom & I hit the road. We stopped to get some local strawberries & creamed honey....(Have to try this in Austin)

Here I sit, in 'Lanta or Atlanta if you want.
Here I sit with dark clouds and rain pouring down.

So we've found a hotel and now eatin' warm food! Spaghetti squash marinara. Plus some onion rings (cause I was in a mood for something fried). I also had a big tasty salad. My mom also got some broccoli & cheddar soup to go.
Oh so at the hotel, there is some church thing going on. Lot a yellin' and praisin' Jesus. A bunch of people and at least one Preacher, preachin' & prechin'!
Crazy thing for me to her, and barely see a wee bit of.

Southern people pretty much always acknowledge you;
I smile, they nod (or maybe smile). A cashier near Greenvillie (SC) even said she liked my sarong :)
At Ruby Tuesdays where I sleepily sit, we once again struck up a conversation with the waitress.
Well, actually it was who struck the talk up. She had recently driven to Chicago for her mother's funeral. It was nice to talk about roadtrips for a couple minutes. More so it was a lovely stranger who would talk it up with other strangers!

Well now it's 1 in the morning, and I must sleep! Goodnight! <3

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