Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 4! Alabama Getaway! And my story of a King!

 Here In lie, sleepy and full. Enjoy my writing, enjoy not havin' the same tense, enjoy yourself, enjoy your friends. <3

Alabama Getaway- Grateful Dead
Here we are at a rest stop (my mom called it "the best one yet, full of great junk") in Alabama.
I almost bought a short cowboy novel. I might get one later somewhere. Instead I got Neil Young's "Harvest" & Steve Miller's Band's "Book of Dreams" for a total of $23 (Pretty good considering some cds cost 23 bucks on there own). There was some confusion about who was next in line (it was me, but I  didn't care who went) because the line had split when another register opened.

As I approached the counter the (young & large) cashier said "C'mon you long haired hippy" which gave me a smile. As I handed over the cds the cashier commented that I was a bit young to be a hippie. Just smile & nod Liam.
I punched him the face! Nah, there was a tough guy behind me who coulda knocked me flat on my back.

Kidding aside, I shrugged.
"Hippy Day at school?"
"Nah I don't go" I quietly muttered. I also happened to be wearin' my "Unschoolers live as if school didn't exist" shirt. I don't think he noticed....
"You following Widespread Panic?" (A hippie jam band) His tone was borderline harsh, and interrogative.
I quickly asked if they were playin' around here. He didn't answer me and I left.

Near Tuscalosa we passed a hitchhiker. My heart-leapt. A hitchhiker!  Readin' about Sal Paridise (Jack Kerouac)'s hitchiking adventures have made me yearn to do it! I did it once with my father in Hawaii. We also picked some people up too. Fun stuff!

I wished we coulda picked him up....He had sandy hair that almost came to his shoulders. He looked dusty, dirty, & hot. Probably tired too. He had two bags on the ground behind him.
I hope he gets where he's goin' alright.

We now played the part of "After Storm Chasers". My mom was curious to see the damage in Tuscalosa. I was a bit curious too, but felt it was a tad uncool to driven around looking at all the damage.
Man, there was a lot. And in the mists of rubble you might see one store still totally intact (Maybe some glass broken).
I don't know why I switched in between passed and present tense, but oh well. (Mind you this is written before tonight, as I was driving)
There's National Guard too. With guns.  That surprised me....

"Old Man" is one my favorite Neil Young songs.  Maybe my fav. Man the country is pretty. We're on 20 West headed for Jackson Mississippi!
Lush tree's surround the road.
I can't wait to get to Austin.

And as the Woodworth-Train hit Mississippi, our "time" was shifted an hour back from my gang back home.

We out to Pickdelly's for food. It was a cool joint. A southern fast foody place. You order what you want (for there or to go) at a buffet type thing, then you get a receipt, and pay at the door when you leave. I was waitin' to get some of the salad stuff when a middle aged black guy (working) said I was a "cool guy". He then asked if I wanted some salad, I told him which ones I did.
"You don't eat meat doya?" He asked with a big grin.
"Ha, no I'm a vegetarian"
"Haha, I knew it. I can tell when people don't man" He said with a wonderful smile.
I then I asked him how to pronounce his name. Sabu (Sah-Boo)
He then told me it meant "King" in Swahli.
"That's pretty cool man!"
"You ever met a King?" He asked.
"No man!"
"Now you have!" Sabu the King said with a fun lovin' grin & fist bump.
Another lady guessed I was a vegetarian when I didn't get any sauce on my noodles.
We took the food and enjoyed it at the hotel. As we got our receipt, I told the lady at the counter to tell Sabu bye. He was hip. Real nice wide old grin.

Sleep Now :)

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