Saturday, May 7, 2011

Skippin' posting about the last day or so of my journey to Austin (I'm gettin' right into what I've been doing). This place is so great!

I've had an amazing time in Austin so far. End of the second day! MAN.
So many cool things. Yesterday (hard to believe that today was my first full day...and that I'll be here 10 more!) as Hamilton (the guy we're staying with) & my mom went out to a developmental movement/dance class, I decided to head into the city! I wanted to jump right into things. I sent a facebook message to a mutual friend who lives in Austin (Brooke). Since I was already gonna go to the city, I threw in my phone number in case she wanted to meet up. I hopped on a bus (without evening waiting :) and soon after I got a call from Brooke. We then met-up nearby the Whole Foods (The Mecca Whole Foods, where all of 'em are based off of). It's really big! We had smoothies, and Brooke showed me around the city. We did a lot of walkin' & talkin'. Austin is very cool.

I then headed to First Street, to try to find a bus back to the abode. After 30 minutes or so of walking, I got on a bus. Just in time for the end of a really "late" supper!

Today (the 7th) I awoke early and laid in bed, sleeping & resting. I then made some yerbe mate (favorite tea:) and a big bowl of cereal. Twas quite good! Then, for the first time since we moved I played my guitar! And boy, oh boy it was gooo-oood! I stopped because my finger tips where gettin' roughed up & hurtin'.

Super nice time though...played with some backing tracks (rhythm music of someone to solo over) and jammed out! I then had a driving lesson with me mom. With a stickshift! I have only driven in an automatic before, so this was a challenge. Alternating between the clutch & gas. Fun time though!
I then set off to do more exploring, and visit shops. My mom got me a good guidebook of where all the hip shops are in Austin, and I looked at it last night before I slept.
First up was a thrift store! It was a cool place and I bought some pants. They are plaid pants that were marked at $4.50, but I got 'em for a dollar 25 ($1.25)! When I told me mom this she thought it was to expensive...:P
Gettin' on a different bus, I was headin' for the North Loop...a place in North Austin where a bunch of shops are. I got off a few blocks away from it, for the bus driver didn't think there was a stop on 53rd where I planned to get off. As the bus drove away I saw right across the street a big sign (and tent) for FREE COMICS. "Well how about that" I thought. Earlier I had tried downloading Neil Gaiman's Sandman with no luck. I then headed over to get some free comics! The store was celebrating it's 10 anniversary, and I lucked out! Got 10 free comics and a $1 bottle of water.
I then needed to head downtown for the show. Show? What show? Lucinda Williams! Yesterday I happened to see a small poster of hers, for her show on the 7th (It was the 6th at the time). I then bought a ticket that night! So I trudged along till I got on a bus, which brought me closer to downtown. I got off after chattin' up the driver, to get some vegetarian food. Turns out the place was closed so I had a long walk to the show on the other side of town. I then passed some art buildin' which had some live music. There was also a group of young dudes (girls & boys) watching. One of them waved for me to come in. And of course I did! The musician playin' was really good. The dude who called me in is named Kevante, and we're plannin' on hanging out soon. If I didn't have a show to catch,  I totally would have stayed longer. They had tea and a bit of food! I went to the pizza place next store, where I got two slices of cheese pizza. It was quite tasty! Turns out my rush to get to the venue wasn't really needed...for the show didn't start till an hour after the doors opened (7 Pm, when I wanted to be there). It was a groovy place.  I currently forget the name of it was outside, but with walls/buildings all around. While  waited for the opener to come on, I talked with this young lady (Christine). She had been livin' in Austin for two years, gong to school to get her PHD in Sociology. She has been doing a lot of research on the effects of deportations of undocumented migrants AKA illegal immigrants. Fascinating stuff.

When the opener came on I left to go into the middle of people near the stage (we had been sitting talking on the side of a wall). After the opener which I thought was alright, I moved again. I got some more water, peed, then went to find a better/different spot. I ended up next to 2 really nice people. I had noticed them when walked in, and saw they saw me too. Anyways, I'm pretty sure it was a mother & duaghter hippie duo. Vicky & Meagan. Meagan noticed my sarong was of the "Steal Your Face" symbol, a Grateful Dead logo! We talked for a bit before the show & durin' the breaks.

Lucinda Williams is a FANTASTIC songwriter & artist. My Dad really digs her, and I did too....but now I really DIG her. Man! Great stuff! Some of the songs she played are :
Something About What Happens When We Talk
and my favorite Honey Bee
Then the band left, and came on for the encore! Several great groovin' songs later, they left. Man, the second part of her setlist and encore was so farout! I was dancin' away, so was Meagan, and most of the people there! Fabulous time....and then they came out AGAIN! To top this amazin' time off, they played Buffalo's Sringfields "For What It's Worth"!!
Man that was hoppin'! I was boogieing like crazy! Her lead guitarist was quite skilled and rocked the solos.

What a great night. Hope to connect with the people I met today soon.
P.S. The venue is  called Stubbs.
I love you!

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